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Program updates—part one

We know that Season 11 has been rocky for many Ambassadors, so we want to take opportunity to say how thankful we are to all Ambassadors who have stuck with us and to those who have provided positive and helpful feedback and supportive criticism. Please continue reading to check in on the latest status updates regarding some important parts of the program.

Status updates

Chat in Responder. Our engineering team has been working diligently alongside the Skype engineering team to create the best solution to allow Ambassadors to access chat while remaining anonymous to the gamer you’re chatting with. Our engineering team as proposed a solution, the Skype team is working on it, and if all goes according to plan, we will be able to start testing soon. Our timeline is dependent on testing, so we will keep you updated. And yes, we do plan on beta testing internally and externally prior to launch.

Tweets in Responder. As some of you may have noticed, we’ve expanded the types of tweets coming into Responder from @XboxSupport. In the past, we’ve limited it to specific categories, but now want to enable all types of questions to come through, so it’s okay if you can’t answer all questions. If you happen to come across a tweet that is something you can’t answer, like a billing issue, it’s okay to send that gamer to official Xbox support at https://support.xbox.com/contact-us.

Retroactive XP and mission completions. Some Ambassadors have noticed that retroactive XP has been rewarded to those who have been completing activities since the launch of the website. The engineering team is working on rewarding mission activities retroactively for expired missions as well. We will keep you updated as these progress.

My reward cards. Prior to the launch of the website, we said that the “rewards” section of the page would allow Ambassadors to claim their rewards right on the website and could submit their physical mailing address and other applicable information to claim physical and digital rewards. However, there are some complications on the backend to make that functionality work as efficient as possible. For now, Season 11 rewards information will be asked by email like it has in the past.

Forums migration to Microsoft Community Forums. Just as a general update, the full migration to Microsoft Community Forums is approaching. We are working with a lot of teams across Microsoft and ensuring that all items line up before we completely let go of Xbox Forums. As you can see now, there is a mirror of threads that have transferred over from Xbox Forums to Microsoft Community Forums, so all conversations, no matter how old, will be represented. Plus, the Xbox Ambassador Team will publish a detailed blog on the migration the day it is complete. Make sure to check it out once it’s published!

Patch notes

Since launch, our engineering team has been hard at work behind the scenes continuing to improve functionality and fix any bugs. Any major site launch (especially one with an entirely redesigned frontend and backend built on new technology) is going to have some bugs to tackle, and we appreciate your patience while we knock those out!

To give you a look into what we’ve been working on behind the scenes, here are some of the over 100 fixes and updates our engineers have delivered since launch:

Ambassadors Website

  • Resolved: Background check failing when a new user joins the program
  • Resolved: Welcome experience continues to show for users that have completed it
  • Resolved: Website loading slowly or producing timeout errors
  • Resolved: Website stuck in “Loading…” loop in IE
  • Resolved: Profile overview sidebar displaying too many Notifications
  • Resolved: Carousel dots are not clickable
  • Resolved: Small percentage of users not displaying a gamertag on Profile
  • Resolved: Several links failing at launch


  • Resolved: Leaderboard shows incorrect “Ambassador Since” date
  • Resolved: Gamertag is centered on the Leaderboard on the Dash and pinned atop the Leaderboard
  • Resolved: Top 100 listed in awkward position below Tier progress
  • Resolved: Test accounts surfacing on Leaderboard
  • Resolved: Ambassadors cannot be found using Leaderboard search
  • Resolved: Season dropdown resets after gamertag search on Leaderboard


  • Resolved: Get Social and Ambassador 101 Quizzes are not submitting properly
  • Resolved: Academy intro displaying at incorrect width

Video Gallery

  • Resolved: Video Gallery not loading properly
  • Resolved: Ambassadors are unable to submit videos to the Video Gallery
  • Resolved: Ambassadors unable to change Video Gallery vote once submitted


  • Resolved: Legacy badges are missing from Profile
  • Resolved: Profile displaying negative XP values when Ambassador progresses to Diamond Tier
  • Resolved: Ambassador 101 Pin reward not displaying correctly
  • Resolved: Activity in Profile overview not matching that on Activities page

Missions and Activities

  • Resolved: Missions are not updating as activities are completed
  • Resolved: Percentage displaying incorrectly for Missions (ex: 16.6666666666 vs 17%)
  • Resolved: Missions do not have sweepstakes tickets as a reward
  • Resolved: Twitter activities are intermittently failing to reward XP
  • Resolved: Forums activities are intermittently failing to reward XP
  • Resolved: Daily missions are not displaying on the Missions page
  • Resolved: Mission titles that include HTML are not displaying properly
  • Resolved: Activity drop-down is missing


  • Resolved: Twitter DMs showing up in Responder
  • Resolved: Ambassadors receiving “unable to find your account” error when trying to access Responder
  • Resolved: Tweets are taking a long time to send
  • Resolved: Conversations not being removed from the bank when taken and replied to by another Ambassador
  • Resolved: Ambassadors are unable to create macros


  • Resolved: Featured Blog posts returning 404 errors
  • Resolved: Community Blog does not open in new window

Along with these fixes, the engineering team has been heavily focused on continuing to build out and improve our totally new backend services and technology.

These behind-the-scenes features power the new Ambassador website experience and allow us to have a much faster and richer web experience and makes it much easier for us to update the site with new features and functionality based on your feedback. Additionally, we’ve built in a ton of functionality that will significantly shorten the time to resolve for any site issues that may pop up in the future.

Again, thank you

We know that Season 11 has been rough, but we are so excited about all the improvements that this new website will bring to the Xbox Ambassador Program and to Ambassadors. Thank you for reading this lengthy blog, but we wanted to provide you with a blog piece that had substantial meaning for you. Plus, there is going to be a part two, so make sure to watch out for that in the days coming!

To all Ambassadors, thanks for being so great and sticking with us. It only gets better from here. 😉


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