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Program updates—part two

Through the launch of the website, there have been some points of confusion for some Ambassadors, so let’s take a moment to clear some things up.

Let’s clear some things up

Mission structure. Some Ambassadors have expressed confusion on the structure of missions. That’s okay! It’s important to note that daily missions start on the first of every month and that impacts weekly missions. For example, for the month of August, the first day of the month was a Wednesday. Therefore, your “day 1” daily mission for a certain week will start on a Wednesday. Plus, monthly missions might end a few days before the last day of the month.

Here’s how missions work:

  • Daily missions—complete two activities (Twitter conversations, reply to a discussion thread in forums, or reply to a support thread in forums) to complete one daily mission.
  • Weekly missions—if you complete at least five daily missions within that specific week, you will automatically complete that one weekly mission.
  • Monthly missions—if you complete any three weekly missions within that specific month, you will automatically complete that monthly mission.

Bonus XP for missions. Okay, this is the tricky part. When you’re completing missions, you will receive bonus XP along with the XP unlocked for the activities themselves.

  • By completing the minimum daily missions, which is five daily missions, you can unlock 250 bonus XP at 50 bonus XP per day. But, if you complete all seven, you can unlock a total of 350 bonus XP.
  • By completing the minimum weekly missions, which is three weekly missions, you can unlock 750 bonus XP at 250 bonus XP per week. But, if you complete all four weekly missions, you can unlock a total of 1,000 bonus XP.
  • If you complete the monthly mission by completing at least three weekly missions, you can unlock 1,000 bonus XP per month. But, if you complete all 28 daily missions and all four weekly missions, which completes your monthly mission, you can unlock a total of 3,400 bonus XP.

Season tier rewards. Some Ambassadors have expressed confusion as to where to find information about what rewards are associated with a specific tier. Great question! We have our Season 11 mega thread going, and it’s the best location to reference when you’re wondering about all things rewards!

Ambassabank. There has been a lot of Ambassadors who have asked why Ambassabank wasn’t brought back once Responder went down for maintenance. That’s a completely valid question, and here’s why: our team went hard in the paint to create new and advanced technology on the backend for the new website that would be functionally equipped to handle updates in the future. The Ambassabank was built on old technology that did not and cannot communicate with our new website. What many may think is a simple “switch” is just not the case when it comes to backend technology. And although Ambassabank—which would have seemed like a quick fix—would have taken the team months to implement on our new site. So, we opted to focus all efforts on the new technology we have and how that technology will enhance our future.

Looking for Group (LFG). Many Ambassadors have asked for more LFG options in the Xbox Ambassador Program—it’s only natural we all want to play video games with one another! Well, your Ambassador Community Experts set up their own LFG playdates. Each ACE hosts an LFG session each week, and we’re looking for Ambassadors who want to group up! If you’re interested, check out our latest forums post to learn all about it!

If you’d like to learn about more program updates in our part one blog, please click here.


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