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Relive the best E3 through Xbox Ambassadors

Now that E3 is over, and we all miss the amazingness, we want to take a moment to keep living that excitement with two special guest blogs from none other than some of our favorite Xbox Ambassador ladies—GingerAle and EmericaGirl24!

Welcome back to E3

Let me start off by saying that this entire experience was amazing. I am very thankful to the Xbox Ambassadors and Mixer for this opportunity. Sunday was the big day and I was super excited and pretty sure I did not get enough sleep the night before. The people, the swag, the experience was all mind blowing. I got to meet F5 PenguinEmericaGirl24Scratch, and DoPeY5007. The very touching remembrance of Xbox Addict and how much the Microsoft staff cared for him. The Xbox briefing and all the amazing games coming out soon. I had so much to say about this experience it would be a small novel at this point.

E3 was the biggest convention I had ever been to and I loved it. I got to meet a lot of fellow streamers from Mixer. There is so much at this convention you really have to make a plan of what you want to see in the three days it’s there. Every game and console you love was there and over 69k people. I wish we could have had a full week to see everything. I hope I will get to go next year, but if not, this was truly a once in a lifetime experience. – GingerAle

As I walked past the crowd already lined up to enter day one of Xbox FanFest I could feel the energy buzzing. While waiting for the doors to open I recognized some familiar faces like Dapper Tux from the Xbox Canada family and Rukari from Inside Xbox! Once the doors opened we were all given Xbox FanFest lanyards, super cool FanFest jerseys, and cozy Xbox scarves then given the photo opportunity in front of the Xbox FanFest backdrop! I got lucky enough to run into some of the Xbox MVPs, GingerAle, and DoPeY5007 before heading into the theater. We then got settled and heard from Chris aka MoneyRumble, Phil Spencer, Aaron Greenberg, Mike Ybarra, and other awesome leaders on the Xbox team. Their presentation also included a beautiful tribute to Xbox Addict who we could see was a dedicated part of the Xbox community and family. Shortly after that we were led into the Microsoft Theater for the moment we had all been waiting for—the Xbox E3 briefing.

The amount of excitement in that theater is hard to describe, but I can sum it up by saying everyone was on the edge of their seats. From the world exclusive announcements of new games being released, people’s favorite gaming series being brought back to life, five new studios joining the Xbox family, to new features coming to Xbox One the crowd went wild. Some of the highlights for me included how the team brought Forza Horizon 4 to life in the theater with falling leaves when showing off for the changing seasons we can expect in game and the sudden Cyberpunk 2077 takeover when Phil Spencer was wrapping up the conference, this looks like a world I can’t wait to explore.

The rest of Xbox FanFest day one included talks with developers from Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, and Devil May Cry 5. We learned about the awesome work Gamers Outreach is doing to provide equipment and technology to children in hospitals and how we can all get involved! There was also hilarious gameshow featuring Major Nelson and three FanFest attendees who were quizzed on tough questions all about games from Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox FanFest day two was extra special because we were able to demo games before anyone else! We had access to the same set up that was on stage during the Xbox Briefing but this time there were beautifully lit up with the games we had heard announced the day before. I also got a closer look at the Xbox Adaptive Controller which is designed for gamers limited mobility. It was amazing to see how so many devices user’s already own can plug into the controller and then customize their gaming experience. The Xbox Gear Store was open to us as well and I made sure to snag a hoodie for these *cold* California days. All in all, I had an amazing experience and have a ton to look forward to! HUGE thank you to the Xbox Ambassadors for allowing me to attend this unforgettable event! – EmericaGirl24

A special thanks to GingerAle and EmericaGirl24 for sharing their experiences with us and the rest of the Xbox Ambassadors. We hope all Xbox Ambassadors and Xbox community members enjoyed themselves at E3 (or at home) and we all look forward to next year!


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