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Relive the moments of Xbox MVP Summit

Recently, members of the Xbox community were able to attend the Xbox MVP Summit, which was held March 28–30 on Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, WA. All the community members had an exciting time, so why not relive some of the awesome moments!

Xbox MVP Summit

Xbox MVP Summit is an annual event where Xbox invites the Xbox MVPs to Microsoft’s campus. They meet with various teams within Xbox to help shape the future of the platform. It’s a time for community, togetherness, and all things Xbox! Out of the more than 50 MVPs, 23 of them were able to travel from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, Russia, and Finland, to attend this three-day event. These community members are creative podcasters, writers, editors, mentors, and content creators that help enhance the Xbox community. Out of those 23 MVPs who could attend, seven of them are also active and passionate Xbox Ambassadors!

The Xbox MVP Summit is a time for the MVPs to share their experiences and learnings about Xbox services, products, culture, games, and much more in a way that allows Xbox to make and change decisions based on feedback from the community.

The attendees were able to attend presentations from Xbox executive team members, like Phil Spencer, and presentations from teams, like Mixer and the Xbox Insider Team. One of the highlights of Xbox MVP Summit was the Xbox MVP Game Night, which was a chance for the Xbox MVPs to connect with Team Xbox. The best part was employees and MVPs could play co-op and competitive games with one another. The night was filled with laughter, gaming, and great company.

Through all the fun and shared experiences, the Xbox MVP Summit is more than just a time to connect with Team Xbox—it’s a chance for the MVP family to get together and form unbreakable bonds with one another.

What makes someone an MVP

Xbox MVPs are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an amazing commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Xbox products and services. Xbox MVPs are recipients of the Xbox MVP Award—selecting and awarding the title of Xbox MVP is an opportunity to showcase the vital role community plays in Xbox products and services. The award allows Xbox to recognize community leaders for their contributions.

“Their contributions to Xbox come in a lot of different forms and it’s not at all about how many followers, popularity, influence, or how strong a personal brand is, but more about diversity and selfless contributions to gaming—specifically Xbox.” – Scratch

Nominate an Ambassador to become an MVP

If you know of an Xbox community member who contributes to Xbox and our community, let them be known! The nomination process is easy, just nominate them here and tell us why you think they should be an MVP in 550 characters or less! Easy peasy, right? Plus, stay tuned, the Xbox MVP website is getting a refresh.

Stay tuned for a follow-up blog that will highlight the differences between what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador and an Xbox MVP award recipient—it’ll be super interesting, we promise! As always, a special thanks to all Xbox community members for making Xbox the best place to game.


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