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Represent Xbox Ambassadors at a Microsoft in-store event

Author’s update 8/14/2018: We are so excited that so many Ambassadors want to represent Xbox Ambassadors at their local Microsoft stores. The team is currently working on ensuring that we have all the details in line and that you’re as supported as possible. It’s going to take a little longer before we can support in the details outlined below, but don’t worry, it’s coming!

In the meantime, feel free to represent Xbox Ambassadors with any swag you have and go experience local events. If you love them, make sure to report back to your ACE! We’d love to know your experience.

In our Sea of Thieves in-store recap blog, we mentioned the chance of representing Xbox Ambassadors at your local Microsoft stores. Well, we have the deets for you!

Step outside of the norm

Microsoft stores do a fantastic job at putting on in-store events and workshops for anything and everything Microsoft. As an Xbox Ambassador, you have an opportunity to attend a Microsoft in-store event and represent Xbox Ambassadors wherever there is a Microsoft store that an Ambassador can attend. Currently, Microsoft stores can be found in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Puerto Rico. If this is something you may be interested in, we have the details to get you started—we will be able to get you going in the upcoming months.

To look up events you may be interested in tagging along with, each Microsoft store’s website has an option to filter what kind of events they have going on. The filter can be categorized by audience, category, or date. An audience option could be gamers while a category option could be Mixer or gaming league—so there’s definitely an event out there for you! Once you’ve decided that you’d like to represent Xbox Ambassadors at a Microsoft in-store event, we suggest reaching out to your ACE with your event preferences and the Microsoft store location you wish to attend.

Your ACE will connect with the Community Development Specialist or Gaming Expert at the Microsoft store to kick off the partnership between the store and Xbox Ambassadors. Once the connection has been made, your ACE will then introduce you and the Microsoft store representative—there you will be able to connect with the store representative and ask any questions you have about attending the event.

Be prepared to cheer for Ambassadors

Once you, your ACE, and the Microsoft store representative have worked out the details, your Xbox Ambassador Team would send you a nifty swag box—a box full of Ambassador-branded goodies that you will be able to take to the in-store event and give out to the community, all the while spreading the message and awesomeness of what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador! Don’t worry, we will also offer talking points so you feel the supported, but of course, your voice and enthusiasm is best! While at the event, you can take pictures and document your experience for a chance to have a special spotlight blog about your time and the impact you had on your community.

Move to the next level

If you’re ready to try something new to engage with the gaming community, this might be the perfect option for you. We will ensure that you’re supported and have the tools to be successful! After all, you’re the heart of this community, and your voice is the best way to show awesome the Ambassador community is.

If you’re interested in representing Xbox Ambassadors at an event held by your local Microsoft store, contact your ACE today!


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