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Say cheese—your photo challenge winners

A few weeks ago, you and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors were presented with a challenge—a photo challenge—and your Xbox Ambassador Team was amazed! You let your inner photographer shine, and we’re excited to show off the photos from our winners!

Click, click

Throughout the photo challenge, your Xbox Ambassador Team voted on their favorite photos, one for each day. Below are the single winners for each day. Congrats to all the winners for showing some amazing photos! If you’d like to see all photos, make sure to check out the hashtag #XboxAmbsPhotoChallenge on Twitter and Instagram!

  • Day 1: post a photo of your favorite Xbox Ambassadors swag—@1brandiesel
  • Day 2: post a photo of your favorite boss or “bad guy” with your in-game character—@choppyseize
  • Day 3: post a photo of your favorite NPC with your in-game character—@Jordanevans_97
  • Day 4: post a photo of your favorite YouTube video on the Xbox Ambassador channel that you find most helpful—@pyrosplayhouse
  • Day 5: post a photo of your favorite scenic view with your in-game character—@pandyyato
  • Day 6: post a photo of your in-game character’s favorite outfit—@WPAK_77
  • Day 7: post a photo of your favorite Xbox Ambassadors Mixer stream—@BriThibodeaux

One photographer to rule them all

We had multiple Ambassadors post photos for all seven days of the challenge (which is amazing, you all rock), but there was one Ambassador whose photos were just super great and deserved the seven-day special shout out! Help us in giving a round of applause to HeadshotPenguin!

A special thanks to all Ambassadors who participated in the photo challenge. There was a total of 157 photos over seven days! Your photos showcased your fellow Ambassadors, your creativity, and your favorite video games—we hope you had fun! Until the next fun challenge.


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