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Welcome ProCrow, the newest Community Manager to join the Xbox Ambassadors team! You may have seen him in our Mixer streams the past few weeks. He’s excited to get started and will be managing our social content in addition to working with Ambassadors as a CM. Take a moment to learn more about ProCrow! 

 avatar image of ProCrow from Xbox profile

Hello Ambassadors!  

I’m ProCrow, the newest Community Manager, and I’m ecstatic to meet you. I’m a California born due now residing in Seattle and a big fan of RPG mechanics. My favorite games are the Bioshock series (lite RPG elements, horror and philosophy, oh yes), Dark Souls (I’m a proud SunBro) and I’m a big fan of Smash Bros (Robin and Zelda FTW).  

Outside the gaming world, I’m into the bouldering scene in Seattle. It’s like gamified exercise! They have difficulty settings, levels, puzzles and it is so fun that even exhaustion becomes a mechanic. My favorite gym is The Seattle Bouldering Project; it even serves grilled cheese. 

Prior to joining the Xbox Ambassadors team, I was the livestream specialist at Monolith Productions creating streaming content for Shadow of War. Play Shadow of War and experience the Nemesis System! You will make some great Orc friends. Before Monolith, I ran a personal YouTube channel. Through it creating content for YouTube, I realized my dream of working in the gaming industry, where my passion for gaming married with my career 



If you have any questions you’d like to ask ProCrow or just want to say hello, make sure to comment below or chat him up in Discord. 


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