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Season 13 stream recap

Wow. We don’t know about you all, but we had a blast on our Season 13 intro stream on Mixer! The stream was Jan. 3, 2019 from 12 to 2 PM PT and we had a ton of awesome community members join us for the fun.

If you were unable to catch the live show or only caught bits and pieces, don’t you worry, your friendly neighborhood JSP has your back. Here’s a full recap of all the stream goodness.

Miss Buffalo hit that dab

Come on, y’all, that was pretty great. Miss Buffalo kicked off the stream with Mister Teal announcing some awesome update for the first 30 days of Season 13. If you want to read in detail about the first 30 days, make sure to check out our recent blog. Miss Buffalo filled us in on:

  • New social media assets
  • Community Manager title change from Ambassador Community Expert
  • XP change for tiers for Season 13
  • Upcoming missions for the Xbox Ambassadors Club

Rewards and Season 13’s theme

Mister Sconnie came on stream with Mister Teal to chat about Season 12’s amazing coin. The coin’s theme was around strength, and we’re so excited about the overwhelming praise and excitement for the coin! Some called it the best-designed coin we ever had. That makes us extremely happy and we will do our best to deliver that standard of design on our Top 100 coins continuing forward.

Mister Sconnie also announce the coin’s theme for Season 13—knowledge. Why knowledge? Mister Sconnie gave an amazing story about the decision behind knowledge. Knowledge can always be gained, it’s always important to keep learning. From our standpoint, we want to keep gaining knowledge about what Ambassadors what to do in our program, what makes it fun for Ambassadors, and how those decisions can impact the Xbox community. Also, we want more Ambassadors to have more knowledge about the program and how they can find ways to impact the community in their own personal way.

All in all, we will always keep learning, always keep finding tactics to beat that next boss that life throws at us. But together, as one, strong community, we can do it.

Silly games and fun

Mister Sconnie and Mister Teal had the chance to play Ultimate Chicken Horse, the ultimate party platformer where you build the level as you play, placing tricks to mess with your friends, while finding ways to not mess yourself up in the process. They had a great time, and if you watch the VoD, they made sure no one could get any points.

The Community Managers came on after and all played Human Fall Flat, an open-ended physics-based puzzle and exploration game. They had a fun time torn between working together to beat the puzzle and being competitive to see who can complete the puzzle first.

Community highlights

Miss JSP joined Mister Teal to share amazing community highlights that happened during Season 12. These highlights showcased Ambassador of the month for each month during Season 12, awesome Ambassadors working hard to bring more of Xbox to their home turf, and much more!

Season 12 Ambassadors of the month

But that’s not all, Miss JSP announce Season 13’s first Ambassador of the month for January—Sanana94! Read more about Sanana94 here. If you know of awesome Ambassador who deserves to be nominated for the brag-worthy title of Ambassador of the month, make sure to tell your CM! We want to know, so don’t be shy.

Milan FanFest

Miss JSP also gave a shout out to a group of amazing Italian Ambassadors who went to the very first Milan Xbox FanFest. They wrote an amazing guest blog that the Xbox Ambassador Team was honored to publish for them and amplify.

Extra Life

But that’s not all, for the fifth year in a row, Extra Life teamed up with Xbox to raise money for children. And, for the second year in a row, the Xbox Ambassador Team helped raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital. We’re happy to announce that we helped raise a total of $1,176 for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Gamingboy177’s challenge

As mentioned, your fellow Ambassador, Gamingboy177, launched an awesome challenge and we’re excited to help amplify it, because who doesn’t love more ways to connect the community together? So, Miss JSP will be launching the challenging with a blog in the coming weeks, but don’t let her hold you up, start using the hashtag now if you want—#AmbsPhotoBook. 😊

Thanks for joining

We had an absolute blast hanging out with the community and celebrating the launch of Season 13. We have a lot to look forward to. Make sure to complete missions, unlock XP and sweepstakes tickets, turn in to Community Manager-hosted streams on Mixer.com/XboxAmbassadors.

  • Tuesday @ 12 pm PT—Taxel
  • Wednesday @ 12 pm PT—Enola
  • Thursday @ 12 pm PT—Rezzee
  • Friday @ 12 pm PT—AshesX

As always, stay connected with us, so follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and join our Discord channel. We hope you have an amazing start to your Season 13. Cheers.  


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