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Season Eight recap: all about the Scorpio, baby

It’s safe to say the highlight of Season Eight was the launch of Project Scorpio and the release of the Xbox One X. Let’s be real – “The World’s Most Powerful Console” is a big deal. While the hype around Scorpio takes the cake, the Xbox Ambassadors Program certainly had other notable moments in Season Eight.

Ambassadors Celebrate Scorpio.

The Xbox community long awaited the release of the Xbox One X, so when it finally made its debut, Ambassadors all over welcomed it with open arms.

Then, we even gave away one of these monsters to one lucky Ambassador. We were so thrilled to announce OK Fowl as the sweepstakes winner. Season Eight was his 5th season as an active Ambassador and he finished as a Top 100 Ambassador each time. Congrats on your new console, OK Fowl.

Oh, and we can’t forget this season’s Challenge Coin! This Project Scorpio themed coin will be awarded to the 100 Ambassadors who got the most XP in Season Eight. Did you make the cut?

Not 10k, not 15k, but 24k followers!

Wow, the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer Channel is taking the Xbox Live community by storm.

Mister Teal and Mister Ruxpin have been working hard to make each stream fun for the Xbox community, and their efforts are paying off. With the help of the Xbox Ambassadors Play Hosts, we reached milestone after milestone this season.

To celebrate the success of our Mixer channel, we hosted a “Followers Celebrate” stream packed with giveaways and excitement.

Our channel is verified now, too. You know what that means – custom emotes! Stay tuned to see what we come up with.

See you next Season, Ambassadors!


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