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Season Four launch: new missions, features and tools – oh, my!

We’re rolling into Season Four tomorrow, and boy, is it going to be action-packed – what with changes to the website, new Missions and Rewards, and, that’s right, even more places for Ambassadors to get involved! We’ve given some sneak peeks here and there, but now we’re coming at you with a full round-up of what’s new and what’s upcoming. So buckle in and let’s take a quick tour of the next three months, which we can assure you will be some great ones for the Xbox Ambassadors Program!


You might have noticed that a big goal of ours over the past couple of Seasons has been to pretty things up a bit, and we’re keeping the dream alive here in Season Four. Next month we’ll give you some information on our intentions for the Academy, but right now we want to turn our attention to what we consider the “Crown Jewel of Season Four” – the redesigned Ambassadors Profile.


The new Profile will be live for your enjoyment next week – shortly after the opening of Season Four – and you might notice some pretty big changes immediately. For starters, the Team worked hard to make this new Profile view not only nice to look at but also organized in such a way as to better show off your individual accomplishments. Here are some things the new Profile has going for it:

  • Larger Gamerpic display for more personalization
  • That Badge case (and Badges!) we’ve been promising
  • Easily digestible information about your Seasonal progress

Oh, and did we mention we designed it dynamically? That’s right! The view from your mobile device is just as nice as the one on desktop.



It goes without saying that tools for interacting with the larger Xbox community are at the heart of the Xbox Ambassadors Program. This Season, we’re rolling out a brand new tool with Ambassadors on Twitter and profiting from the Xbox Support Forums Team’s work on the New Xbox Forums. Here’s some information about each of these features:

  • Ambassadors on Twitter – Breaking onto the scene later this month, Ambassadors on Twitter is meant to do exactly what it says: Allow Ambassadors to help out and partner with @XboxSupport Agents on Twitter. We’ve got a lot of plans around promoting the tool that’s opening up this new space for us, and we’ll also be posting a guided walkthrough to YouTube very soon. Mark your calendars and get set to start Tweeting this Season, Ambassadors!


  • The New Xbox Forums – Maybe you’ve already read Mister Cerb’s post in the Announcements Forum, but the Official Xbox Forums are being rebuilt from the ground up to offer improved search functionality and organization. Keep an eye out for some Forums-based Missions to celebrate these changes, which are due out soon!



The Redmond Ambassadors Team sat down a few weeks ago to discuss the best ways to keep Missions diverse and came out of that meeting with some pretty exciting plans! Season Four will feature Missions designed around first party releases as well as Xbox Ambassadors Program deployments, but the Mission we’re excited to start out with is meant to challenge Ambassadors to get out of their comfort zones by completing two of every Activity. Starting Oct. 1 and spanning a week and a half, Ambassadors can accept a Mission that will take them to all currently existing Ambassador channels – from Support Chat to the Forums to Xbox Feedback and even the Academy.


Now that Mister Discord and Mister Teal have a good number of streams under their belts, you can expect to see even more diverse content on Twitch and Beam over the next three months. Our current plans include a Season Four Launch scheduled for Oct. 3 at 4 p.m. on Twitch as well as an Extra Life event we’re looking to host in November!


We’re not going to say we saved the best for last, but we know it’s always exciting to hear about Rewards! We’re even shaking things up just a bit for the Elite Tier Reward for those of you who were actively participating in Season Three.

  • Initiate: 100 XP required, Season Ambassador Profile Badge rewarded
  • Novice: 1,000 XP required, Season Themed Avatar Item rewarded
  • Expert: 3,000 XP required, Season Design Avatar Item rewarded
  • Elite: 8,000 XP required, Ambassadors-Branded Scarf rewarded
  • Master: 20,000 XP required, Chance to win 1 of 60 Xbox One games rewarded

And at this point it almost goes without saying – but for those of you who are new to the fold – the Top 100 Ambassadors, or Legendary Ambassadors, of the Season will not only receive Rewards based on Tier but will also receive a Special Edition Coin.

Design by Misses Sunny. Rendering by IOLV.

So there’s your Xbox Ambassadors Program Season Four menu! We hope you’re ready to dive into the new features as well as the old ones, and as always, we’re depending on you to post new Ambassadors-specific ideas at Xbox Feedback as well as file any necessary bug reports given the new (and awesome) features being introduced.

[Ed. note: Previously, this post cited that the Ambassadors on Twitter feature would be due out Oct. 17; however, given the number of features launching this month, it is more likely that Ambassadors on Twitter (and the tool associated with it) will be available for use a bit later in the month.]


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