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Season Nine is flying by

As Season Nine approaches its midway point, it’s time to look at the Leaderboard–how’s your XP doing? Now’s the perfect time to climb the Leaderboard and tackle the second half of Season Nine!

You can only go up from here

Climb the Leaderboard by helping passionate Xbox gamers through Twitter conversations, chats, replying on forums, YouTube video submissions and votes, missions, and quizzes.

If you’re an Ambassador who wants some tips on how to climb to the top, your top 10 Leaderboard performers are the perfect people to talk to. Plus, when Ambassadors help fellow Ambassadors that means more help given to Xbox gamers!

Top 10 Season Nine leaderboard performers

  1. Genesis1953–107,340 XP
  2. OK Fowl–84,800 XP
  3. DoPeY5007–61,345 XP
  4. choppyseize–61,295 XP
  5. GMS1stLDYCannon–52,680 XP
  6. warriornjal–46,085 XP
  7. blueamcat–40,610 XP
  8. Smwutches–38,680 XP
  9. Shrk1990–35,400 XP
  10. GDN Gianniplay–31,940 XP

*Numbers accurate as of Feb. 2.

A massive kudos to the top 10 Leaderboard performers so far in Season Nine! Time and time again, you and your fellow Ambassadors do an incredible amount to help all Xbox gamers. Keep it up! All Ambassadors do an outstanding job and we thank you.

Show Season Nine who’s boss

It’s not too late to climb the Leaderboard! Season Nine will end on March 31, so there’s still plenty of time to get additional XP and steal a coveted Leaderboard spot.

Not an Ambassador? Become an Ambassador today and help fellow Xbox gamers become even more passionate about our community!


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