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Season Six launches today with new features, quizzes and missions

Today marks the start of Season Six, and we’ve got a lot of announcements to make! For starters, we’ve introduced a new Quiz and Mission themed around the Xbox One Spring update to encourage new and long-time Ambassadors alike to get involved as the Leaderboard and Profile reset. We’re also unveiling a brand new way to share your favorite gaming-related videos with the Xbox community.

Read on for more details about these features and more, including some quick Reward teasers.

Xbox One March Update Events

The Xbox One just received its March update, and we want to be sure our Ambassadors are prepared to help out with any questions that might pop up! To celebrate the start of Season Six and the update, we’ve mapped out a series of events for you to take part in over the next few days:

  • You can snag up some XP for completing our “Xbox One Spring Update” Quiz right now
  • Starting tomorrow, April 2, put your knowledge of these new features to good use by accepting our “Xbox One Spring Update” Mission and helping out on Twitter as well as in the Support Chat and Forums
  • Celebrate the new Beam app with us on Tuesday, April 4, at 12 p.m. PT by giving the app a whirl as you watch our stream

Introducing the Video Gallery Page

As a community, you’ve continued to wow us by sharing Xbox-related video content you’ve created or found online. We wanted to streamline the process and are pleased to unveil months of planning and hard work by introducing the new Video Gallery page today. Feel free to hop on over and try out the new page or else stick with us here for a quick walkthrough!

Let’s start with a quick look at the page in its entirety before we explain the main sections you’ll be using:

As you can see, the general design matches the look and feel of the Missions and Academy pages. However, you’ll use this one just a bit differently. Let’s take a look at four areas of this page you’ll be spending the most time with, three of which are outlined in red above.

  1. Submission Tool

Here’s where you’ll submit videos you think should be seen by and shared with the rest of the community. Simply copy and paste the link, then press “Submit Link.” If the video has previously been submitted, you’ll receive a message (shown below) stating that the video already exists in the Video Gallery.

  1. Video Gallery Description and Page FAQ

Need a refresher on what the Video Gallery’s for or have some questions? More details and a link to the FAQ are situated in the left-hand corner and just a click away.

  1. Sorting Tool

This handy sorting tool allows you to decide in which order videos are displayed. Sorting options include: Title (alphabetical), Recent and My Videos.

  1. Video Tile

These tiles are the heart and soul of the Video Gallery, as they display videos that have been submitted and reviewed! We’d suggest watching new videos as they come in as well as sharing them as you help other members of the Xbox community.

The tile includes the following areas: 4a.) An embedded video player that allows you to view nominated content without leaving the Gallery; 4b.) Voting buttons that allow you to share how you felt about the content of a video, and 4c.) A quick description of the video, including the channel of the content creator.

Be sure to take a peek at the FAQ for further information as well as a breakdown of XP associated with using the Video Gallery page. [Note: XP related to Video Gallery Activities may come in at a delay for the first few days after launch.]

Season Six Rewards

And, of course, we saved the best for last! Let’s take a quick peek at some Season Rewards, including the Limited Edition Legendary Coin and the exclusive Avatar items.

That’s right: Not only are we sticking with the “Animal” theme, but Season Six is going aquatic! This little octopus will be popping up all over the place – from the monthly newsletter to Profile badges. We’ve even spotted our cephalopod friend on a hat and sweater for your Avatar.

Day one, and it’s already shaping up to be a great Season! Let us know what you think by commenting below.


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