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Season Two: Checking in on changes and additions

Congratulations on completing the first two weeks of Season Two, Ambassadors! Those of us on the Xbox Ambassadors Team hope you’ve been enjoying it, as well as the new features we implemented this season based on your feedback. Interested in what some of those recent additions are? Check the recap below and also our comprehensive Season One and Season Two Rewards FAQ located in the Ambassy!


We’ve renamed and broadened the number of Tiers available to allow for faster entry and further progress through the Program’s ranks! Community Manager Mister Discord had this to say about the re-design: “With the new Tier System, it’s easier to get started, but the later Tiers will be more difficult to obtain. Along with those changes, we’ve also upped the Rewards…”


With a new Season comes new Rewards! We’re happy to be offering even more loot this Season, as it gives us an opportunity to thank you all for making the Ambassador and Xbox communities better and brighter places. Season Two Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn these Rewards, based off of their Tier:


100 XP required, Season Ambassador Profile Badge rewarded


1,000 XP required, Season Themed Avatar Item rewarded


3,000 XP required, Season Design Avatar Item rewarded


8,000 XP required, Microsoft Studios Game Closed Beta Access rewarded


20,000 XP required, Master Tier Sweepstakes Ticket rewarded

Keep in mind that the Rewards stack, so the Novice Tier will receive the Initiate Reward as well, and if you reach the Master level, you’ll receive all of the other Rewards in addition to the Master Tier Sweepstakes Ticket.

Oh, and we haven’t forgotten about the Legendary Tier! The Top 100 Ambassadors this season will be rewarded for their contributions with an Exclusive Ambassador Coin (you can find concept art of the Coin above).


We’ve introduced two new Missions this Season so you have even more ways to earn XP! Mister Discord describes these two missions as fun and rewarding, explaining: “Daily Chat Bonuses will reward those who do just a little bit day to day, and really accelerate your progress through the new Tiers. You can also cash in on Sweepstakes Tickets by completing Chat Quest chains. As you unlock the next link in the chain, the number of tickets you earn grows, gaining you up to 22 tickets each week.”

A fan of helping out in the Forums? No worries, reassures Mister Discord. There are Forums Quest chains all month, which will result in earning bonus XP and Sweepstakes Tickets as well.

Twitch Stream Schedule

Mister Discord also announced two new streaming shows this month, in addition to Xbox Ambassador Scratch’s New Member Friday! Details below and more at the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch channel.

Dealing with Discord, every Tuesday

Each week a new guest will join Mister Discord for crazy co-op or head-to-head action, giving you a chance to meet Xbox staff and other community members.

Ambassador Play Date, every Thursday

You wanted more play dates, so they’re back again by popular demand! Get together to game with your fellow Ambassadors for everything from big team battles to a day out on the track.

New Member Friday, every Friday

New to Xbox Live? Been around for a while but want to make some new friends? Come join Xbox Ambassador Scratch and get teamed up with other newcomers!

Thanks for your continued interest and passion, Ambassadors! The Xbox Ambassadors Team will be back with more blog posts next week, but for now, keep up the great work you do each and every day.