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Season Two recap: plenty of additions, plenty of events

Hey there, Ambassadors! Just a week into Season Three, and you’re already powering your way through the Tiers as you accept Missions and rack up XP. In fact, our Leaderboard’s showing a total of 296,150 XP earned in eight days, and you’ve already completed 4,764 for our inaugural Community Mission, which just launched. We’re happy to see your excitement and believe that, with your help, Season Three can be our best Season yet! It’s always good to know where you came from, though, so let’s take a moment to reflect on Season Two, which was packed with new feature releases and a number of awesome events.

Program Stats

You might have noticed this before, but we love numbers, Ambassadors; we’re all about the amount of XP earned, the number of Ambassadors helping out and participating in the community, the quantity and quality of Rewards we can provide, and many other things, all tied to numbers. Because of this, we’ve prepared a few Season Two stats to share with you all!

  • 3,825 new members joined the Program between April and July
  • 103,044 people were helped by Ambassadors through a combination of chats and Forum posts
  • 3.92 million XP propelled Ambassadors to new Tiers
  • 12,680 Rewards were well-earned

Season Two Features

At the start of Season Two, we asked you what you wanted from your Program, Ambassadors, and we aimed to deliver everything that we could! This Season saw the introduction of Multi-Chat, the Xbox Ambassadors Blog and ID@Xbox games as recurring Rewards. Additionally, in the last three months, we announced and implemented:

  • Ambassadors Play – Brings Ambassador-hosted shows to our Twitch channel and the Xbox One Community Calendar
  • Ambassadors on YouTube – Allows Ambassadors to apply for the chance to make Xbox Ambassadors-approved support and game guide for the Program’s YouTube channel
  • Ambassadors on Feedback – Adds new Feedback-related Activities and Missions to the Program
  • Digital Reward Redemption – Enables redemption of digital goods right from the Rewards page
  • New Landing Page – Provides a more fleshed out view of the Program for potential Ambassadors and a fresh look for current members of the Program

And that’s not even everything! We also tied the bow on these Xbox Feedback ideas, which will be marked as “Complete” soon:

Want to keep helping us grow new Xbox Ambassadors Program features? Continue posting your ideas at Xbox Feedback, using the “Accounts & Subscriptions” category and including the term “Ambassadors Program” in the title, and be sure to fill out the Season Two Satisfaction Survey before Friday, July 15.

Season Two Events

In addition to revamping the Program and providing more XP-earning Activities, we also doubled down on providing more opportunities for Ambassadors to hang out as a community. You kept us busy (and we hope we kept you all entertained!) with a whole slew of events this Season, such as Tournaments and even live meet-ups:

  • The Laurel Cup – Our first ever Tournament, and the return of Forza to the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch channel. Maxen13’s knowledge of the cars and courses and sweet racing moves earned him the title of “The Fastest Ambassador in the World.”
  • Last Spartan Standing – A collaborative effort between Mister Discord and @XboxSupport’s MP resulted in an all-out “Halo 5” brawl. We pulled in over 500 viewers on Twitch, and Sanana94 stood his ground to become “The Last Spartan Standing.”
  • “Meet the Team” Streams – Mister Teal, Misses Sunny and Miss Valent1ne were all introduced in Dealing with Discord streams as they joined the Xbox Ambassadors Team. Even Mister Gwyther made a return!
  • E3 Meet & Greet – Mister Discord attended E3 this year and thought it was a great opportunity to hang out with the Ambassadors in attendance.

Thanks for helping us make more and better exciting opportunities, Ambassadors, and thanks for trusting us with your ideas and input! We enjoyed experiencing Season Two with you all and plan to keep the momentum going.

Now, want to see what all this (and more) looks like when you package it up pretty and put it in one place? You can!

Season Two Infographic


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