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September’s Ambassador of the Month!

September is here and Summer is ending soon. Who will the Ambassador of the Month title fall onto this month? He’s an Xbox MVP, a play host for the Xbox Ambassadors channel, a YouTube Partner, a Facebook Gaming Creator, and probably a hundred other things we didn’t mention. This multi-talented Ambassador is none other than FourNinjaToads!FourNinjaToads in a hat with a hammer posing for the camera

Not a surprise that with a segment on the Xbox Ambassadors Play Host stream line-up called “Gamer Dad”, FourNinjaToads became passionate about gaming when his kids got into it along with him. It’s amazing to him to be able to see his kids becoming immersed into a game and be part of those moments. Through his streams, he hopes that his viewers will do the same and take the time to be part of their children’s gaming as well.

To FourNinjaTBoy holding a tshirt that says "Gamers. Together."oads, online communities offer gamers an opportunity to connect with people with similar likes and dislikes that they would not otherwise have contact with. For example, not everyone like anime games, but for him it’s as easy as going into the FNT Dojo and connect with others who like playing it. His message to the community is to keep being a positive force. It can be thankless and have no end in sight, but you will be better for it.

Outside of gaming, FourNinjaToads is a Facebook Group Power Admin that owns and operates a Naruto fan group which has over 250k members! His dedication to the group is strong and that community continues to grow under his watch.

“It is a huge task to filter and monitor so many members that it makes it difficult to create my own content within the group but as long as I am protecting my members, I’m good.”

See what he has to say when we asked him questions about gaming, the program, and community:


What is your most positive gaming experience?

The most positive gaming experience I had was on the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer channel. Somehow my nephew came across the channel and started playing with me and the boys. It brought us closer together.  Being away from my brothers and sisters makes it difficult to connect with nephews and nieces but this happened through the power of gaming.  It’s freaking amazing!

What brought you Three men and one women standing and smiling for the pictureto the Xbox Ambassadors program and what makes you stay?
I became an Xbox Ambassador early in the program, but it was one of those things that I always meant to be more involved with but never had time for.  It was not until some time in 2016 that I saw my now good friend Scratch streaming on the Xbox Twitch channel.  He mentioned Xbox Ambassadors and Xbox Playdates, I ended up playing with the Xbox Playdates US team at some point soon and I became more involved in the Xbox Ambassador program because of it. Since then I have made so many cool friends and been to many events that I probably would never be involved with otherwise.  I mostly stick around for the good friends and the great laughs and the opportunities to make a difference in the Xbox community.  It is a great place to meet like-minded individuals and have great fun.

Large group of people surrounding a couch smiling for the pictureHow do you stay involved in the program and the community?
I mostly stay involved with the program and the community through “content creation”. I am currently an Xbox Ambassador Play Host, Xbox Playdates US Team member, Facebook Gaming Creator, and YouTube Partner.  I try my hardest to create a friendly and welcoming environment in my content and live streams across all platforms and channels.  On my Facebook Gaming page, I try to foster a friendly environment where people can come together and talk about anime, manga, and related games.  On YouTube I try to create helpful videos for Xbox and I always offer a helping hand to people who comment or reach out. I am also currently an Xbox MVP where I sometimes get to provide direct feedback to Xbox for current or new features and programs.

As an XA play host, what message are you trying to convey to your viewers?
As an Xbox Play Host I would like to convey to the viewers that its ok to have fun and not take things seriously all the time.  It’s ok to not know something or ask questions. It’s ok to die over and over. It’s going to be ok.

What does a healthy community look like to you and what do you do to contribute to that vision?
A healthy community to me is one where members are engaging in a positive manner with one another and spread positivity.  A healthy community also takes a strong admin team that works in the background to remove negative people from the community. I would like to think that I contribute to that vision by fostering these beliefs in how I engage with my own communities.

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