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Show off how you protect your family on Xbox

As you can tell, keeping all gamers safe on Xbox is highly important to everyone here at Team Xbox. After all, it’s the gamers that make Xbox the best place to play. As a parent or guardian of a tiny gamer, you know how to keep your little one safe on Xbox—whether that’s through Passkey authentication so they don’t buy all the hottest games, putting time limits on game play, or any number of ways to make gaming healthy and fun.  

So, we have a question out to all our parent and guardian Ambassadors—would you like to share the ways you protect your tiny gamers while they play on the best console?  

Your Xbox Ambassador Team wants to know if you’re interested in participating in a video about what Family Settings and best practices you use. This video could potentially be used throughout Xbox, like on Xbox Assist and YouTube!

Lights, camera, action  

There are a ton of awesome ways you can protect your child on Xbox—and we’d like to know how you utilize Family Settings in your household! 

If you’re interested in being a participant in a video that could potentially be used throughout Xbox, like on Xbox Assist and YouTube, then fill out this survey 

The questions in the survey are areas Team Xbox is trying to focus on, but of course, if you have anything else to add, we’re open to knowing what features you like best. If there is one particular feature you’ve found success in and want to discuss it, let us know in the last question of the survey and tell us why!  

Next steps 

Once you submit your survey letting us know that you’re interested, your ACE will let you know if you’ve been selected and will send you instructions on how to set up video recording on Windows 10, interview questions to guide you, and how to send your recorded video back to the Xbox Ambassador Team. If you have a particular video recording setup you’d rather use, no problem! Just reach out to your ACE if you have questions (no shaky phone clips please! 🙂). 

If you’re interested, that’s great, because sharing your tips and tricks with other parent gamers is how we continue to teach others to be safe on Xbox, and that makes Xbox the best place to play.


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