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SunkNath on being part of the Xbox community

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed within this post belong to the guest writer, who is a member of the Xbox Ambassadors community, and are not necessarily representative of Xbox or the Program.

While being in the Xbox Community, I’ve found new and different ways to be involved as both an Ambassador and an Xbox Live user. Throughout this guest post, I will talk about what I’ve done to stay connected with the community.

To start, Xbox Live is a great way to help out and meet gamers. Clubs and the Looking for Group feature on Xbox One are great ways to meet others in the community. You can find clubs on your Xbox One console or using the Xbox App. On the Xbox One, simply press your “Guide” button and select clubs. You can then navigate to the club you want to join. On the Xbox App, simply press the menu icon and then select clubs. Some clubs will require you to request an invitation and await acceptance from the admin.

Once you’ve joined a club, you can set up playdates and organize games with fellow members. You can also trade tricks for a particular mission or game and even discuss your loadouts. Most importantly, it allows you to communicate with other Xbox gamers and feel you are a part of something. This comes with the feeling that everyone is welcome and able to ask for advice from fellow gamers and even play together.

Another important thing to remember is that being Ambassadors doesn’t mean we have to know everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. This is why we have opportunities to use our strengths wherever possible and improve on our weaknesses. How do we do that? A good idea would be to use the Academy, which is available to everyone. Although I have been a part of the Xbox Ambassadors Program for a while, I still use it as it is a good resource.

The Academy is updated frequently with new topics about things that have been introduced on the Xbox One console. These topics can include a new feature or a new device for Xbox. All in all, the Academy is a good way to learn new things or brush up on the things you are not fully confident about. You can find the Academy on the Ambassador website’s navigation bar, and we do earn XP for successfully completing quizzes found within.

This is another reason why I love the visiting the forums and chatting with the community – we always learn something new from one another! The forums are fun and engaging as an Xbox Ambassador, and through them, you can meet new people who have either just joined Xbox Live or who have been playing for many years.

When you join the Xbox Forums, you will notice there are “Support” and “Discussion” filters. This is where you can help someone out with their question or jump into discussions and meet new people. We also have the Xbox Ambassador forums, called The Ambassy, where we can chat about all things Xbox and about the Program. This is also a place where we can see announcements about the Program or other relevant information.

As Ambassadors, we also have access to the Lounge where we can talk as if we were in a big text party, which is good for getting help with something you may be struggling with or so you can socialize with other Ambassadors and get to know the community. I have always found it useful and have met some great people in the Lounge. It brings the Xbox Ambassador Program community closer together.

As an Ambassador, you can also get involved with other things […] like beta-testing opportunities such as the Xbox Insider Hub app. The Xbox Insider Hub app allows you to take quests and test new updates and features. You can also give your feedback, which goes straight to [Team Xbox]. If you’re the sort of person who loves a sense of competition, you also level up within the Xbox Preview Program. When you level up, you’ll have a better chance of being invited to different testing opportunities.

Being an Xbox Ambassador is about having fun, making new friends and helping other gamers. In my opinion, this is what makes the community special, and it is the best one I have been in!

SunkNath is a long-time gamer and member of the Xbox Ambassadors Program, who doubles as an active Beta Tester and volunteer. He is also deeply involved with his university town’s libraries, as he not only takes part in summer reading initiatives but also brings in consoles and games for visitors of the library to play and learn from. SunkNath is currently in university, and guided by his love of helping people learn new things, hopes to become a teacher of IT and Computing in the future.


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