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Take a bow, Season 11, your time is up

The season of agility is over, and golly, our Ambassadors were agile. Season 11 had its ups and downs, but as usual, our community always rises above it. We can’t thank this community enough for the incredibly positive impact you have on Xbox. Let’s take a moment to reflect on all the things we did during Season 11, and as always, take the time to send a special thanks to all Ambassadors who will continue to be here to see the launch of Season 12.

We kicked things off with a new website

Season 11 started out the gates with a bang with the launch of the new Xbox Ambassadors website. The new website has a robust onboarding and welcome experience for new Xbox Ambassadors, which will empower every Ambassador to have a greater impact on the community.

The new website also came with an incredibly helpful handbook that showcased every part of the program. The handbook is a place for new and seasoned Ambassadors to visit and learn certain aspects that may have been confusing or just a place to brush up on knowledge.

As we shared in recent blog posts, Program updates part 1 and Program updates part 2, the team is always working to improve the website. We are listening every day to what you have to say, and do what we can to put it into action. So, keeping the feedback coming!

Ambassador of the month

During Season 11, we had three(ish) amazing Ambassadors nominated by the Xbox Ambassador Team to be rewarded this truly brag-worthy title. What earns someone the title of Ambassador of the month is their true passion to not only all things Xbox but to every single member of the Xbox community. These Ambassadors truly represent what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador—unwavering inclusion of every single gamer.

Take a moment to read up on our three(ish) Ambassadors of the month, for they are truly inspiring people.

Pandy Yato

Nominated as the first official Ambassador of the month in July, Pandy Yato joined the Ambassador program in April 2018. During her short time as an Ambassador, she has become a huge force in the Ambassador community. Pandy is hailed as being incredibly supportive and inclusive of all gamers.


Members of PGTG

A few Ambassadors deserved that title of August’s Ambassador(s) of the month—members of Parental Guidance to Gaming (PGTG)—ONI Assassin, Edocsil 2020, and DHARMtheJACKAL. PGTG is a group of seven passionate Xbox gamers, three of which are Xbox Ambassadors. Together, they strive to find the best ways to educate parents of young gamers and help protect children who may be exposed to underage gaming. PGTG has been together since November 2016 and their goals are honorable.



Nominated as September’s Ambassador of the month, AngelObullet was nominated for many reasons, like his inclusive nature and compassionate personality. One activity that AngelObullets does is moderate the Xbox Ambassador Club. He is always there ensuring that new gamers are welcomed in the club and that the club stays a safe place for any gamer who wishes to join. Sometimes moderation of the club can be a thankless activity, and we want all moderators to know, no matter what channel you’re moderating, that your connectivity is so great. You are what makes Xbox the best place to play.

Here’s to many more Ambassador of the months! With an incredible and passionate community like ours, they won’t be hard to find. The nominations will roll in, and if there is an awesome Xbox Ambassador who you feel should be nominated, reach out to your ACE.

Mixer madness

During Season 11, the Xbox Ambassador Mixer channel hit the biggest milestone yet—100K followers! This was a massive accomplishment and we have the community to thank. The 100K hit happened during F5 Penguin’s Talking Games stream, and he had a blast with it! We have all Play Hosts, Xbox Ambassadors stream team, and every single follower and viewer to thank—without you this wouldn’t have happened. This makes the Xbox Ambassador Mixer channel one of the most popular on the Mixer platform. Here’s to the next milestone, we’ll see you at 200K followers.

Pacts made at PAX West

During Season 11, your ACEs and a few other members of the Xbox Ambassador Team were able to join you at PAX West 2018 in Seattle, WA. We had such an amazing time connecting and engaging with passionate gamers from all walks of life.

  • Through Pre-PAX to the last day of PAX West, the Xbox Ambassador Team engaged with over 1,500 gamers.
  • Through Pre-PAX to the last day of PAX West, over 620 passionate Xbox gamers became Xbox Ambassadors—wow!
  • On the day of the Post-PAX Meet and Greet at GameWorks Arcade, over 130 people visited us for the great food, games, prizes, and more.

We had an amazing time at PAX West and meeting all of you who were able join us! Make sure to read up on all the fun that was had at PAX West in a recent blog.

Looking toward the future

As the Xbox Ambassador Program continues to evolve, there will be a higher emphasis on our community and how passionate Xbox gamers like Ambassadors make Xbox the best place to play. There will be more talk of this in Season 12 and we will give you all the deets. There are some awesome things coming, and it starts with an amazing community like ours. You are what makes Xbox the best place to play.

Thanks to all Ambassadors who continue to stay with the program. You’re all great, but you already know that. Let’s welcome Season 12 with open arms and a positive attitude—to Season 12, cheers!


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