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That was legendary: Apex Legends

Apex Legends has captivated us. In just a week, the game hit over 25 million players and has reported over 2 million concurrent players with no signs of slowing down. The community is thriving, providing feedback, and excited for what comes next. What we know is coming in March is the release of the game’s battle pass complete with a new Legends, weapons, and loot, and that the game just held its first North American eSports event. We’re likely to see the player base grow astronomically over the next 6-12 months.

Whether you enjoy first-person shooters or battle royale game modes, you’re probably playing Apex Legends. If like me, you loved Fortnite, you probably jumped aboard the Apex Legends train and either formed a healthy obsession with it or quickly retreated to a familiar battle ground after deciding it wasn’t your cup of tea. Like many, I became enamored with the free-to-play battle royale set in the Titanfall universe, developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts after just a few matches.

I’ve been having fun squading up, unlocking achievements, apex packs, and setting small goals for my banner stats regardless of whether my squad was winning or not. We’ve all found our favorite Legend and made excuses to play just one more game even when we know it’s time to put down the controller for the day. I found myself drawn to Bangalore, who’s lovingly been dubbed “Bangarang” in my circle of squad mates, and has given me an opportunity to embrace a more offensive play style as a gamer who traditionally plays a more passive role as a DPS or support class from the back of the line.



By now we’ve all found a Legend to main and a squad of friends to join us in the arena. I asked Xbox Ambassadors on Twitter to share their most legendary Apex Legends moments and here’s what you had to say:

A moment we’ll never forget

xOGx LaTeNiGhT

“My first BR win was on Apex Legends and we had a 2-person squad the entire game!”

A gamerpic of a watermelon


“I became the Apex Champion with zero damage and zero kills. Thanks squad! Sorry for being a moving target.”

A gamerpic with a human machine


“My most epic Apex Legends moment would have to be when I was playing with a couple of random players, one left and the other died. We were at an un-named location and I had two kills before my teammate had been eliminated. I ran, got his banner, killed a full team and the final member of another. I ended the game with 6 kills in 5 mins.”

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“Played in a 2-person squad, it’s down to the last two squads, the opposing team is holding the top of Thunder Dome. Moxid_God and I went up after Moxie dropped a smoke bomb with Bangalore. I ran through the smoke and got the final two kills, ending the game with a total of 9 kills and the Apex Champion win.”

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“Solo queued and became the Kill Leader for the first time at the start of a match downing an entire squad using only a Wingman with the rest of my squad down and managed to get the respawn on both squad mates. We didn’t win the match, but that was an epic moment!”

Share your epic moment

Make sure to share your epic Apex Legends moment in the comments below, or just your epic battle royale moment if Apex isn’t the game for you. 🙂


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