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The First 30 Days of Season 17

The First 30 Days of Season 17

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! Welcome to the New Year and the first 30 days of Season 17!


There is a lot in the blog today, so here’s a quick summary for those in a rush. Read on below the TLDR:

  • Did you make a New Year Resolution? Check out this TED Talk on building and keeping a habit.
  • The Rewards Page can now be used to claim digital and physical rewards.
  • Remember to sign the Pledge! Starting January 6, 2020, the Pledge will be a requirement to participate in the program. SIGN NOW or LEARN MORE
  • There are no more “Daily” missions. Now, “Weekly” consist of 15 missions being completed within the same week. Monthly missions still require 3 Weekly missions to be completed.
  • Reminder that Ambassadors of the Month is featured at the end of the Month now. Our Recent Ambassadors of the Month are the Alpha Ambassadors check out the full Spotlight.
  • We are running a Twitter Poll so you can pick what game you want to play for the January Playdate. Tweet is Embeded below.
  • The Seasonal Celebration Stream is today on the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer channel at 12 PM PT.
  • There are new Accessibility features on the website.
  • We are sunsetting personal Community Manager Email addresses. To get in contact with a Community Manager, contact them on Twitter, Discord, or Xbox. Also, you can always email us at xboxambs@microsoft.com with any feedback, questions, etc.
  • We are adding a new activity called “Website Activity” that rewards XP for clicking a link on our website. This will allow more variety of missions. We also have new Starter Missions that use this activity type.

New year new you

Whether you made some New Year resolutions or not, we are proud of you 😊! If you are in the resolution market and hoping to make those news habits easier, check out this TED Talk on building and keeping a habit. It’s all about the psychology of habit development and provides some great usable steps to make the habits you want!

2020 New Years Celebration Eye Glasses

Make sure you sign the Pledge

The pledge is in full swing and as of January 6, is a requirement to get experience in the program! We were wondering how the pledge would be received when we posted it, and so many of you rushed to sign it…you broke our website! It was like getting a big hug and it’s a bit hard to breathe. Thank you for allowing the website to come up for air. We totally love you all for that btw.

If you have not signed the Pledge yet, SIGN NOW or LEARN MORE.

Updates to Missions

The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly mission structure is changing. Daily Missions are moving to a farm up North, and you won’t be seeing them anymore. Now, instead of having to log in everyday to complete your Weekly Mission, the Weekly will be 15 missions you complete anytime during the week. You will still need to complete the 3 Weekly Missions to complete a Monthly Mission.

Ambassador(s) of the Month

This month, we selected our group of Alpha Ambassadors to be awarded the title of Ambassador of the Month.

When you think of the words dedicated, trustworthy, and leader in the Xbox Ambassadors community, there’s isn’t a question of who comes to mind. Always there when you need them and leading by example, we give you the Alphas – aka Scratch, Bowski477, FearedNightmare, Kiesey, Mistress Sara, NorthernZoot, RandyAU93, Smwutches, and WPAK!

Be sure to check out the full Spotlight and give them a big ‘Thank you” next time you see them online.

A collage of the Alpha Ambassadors as of 2019

The January Playdate

We are going to try something a little different for this month for our playdate. We are going to do a Twitter Poll with some of our favorite previous games. We’ve pinned a poll with several options for you to vote on: Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft. Y’all feeling like Space Wizard, Skurvy Dogs, or Cube people? We are quite curious!


Seasonal celebration stream

The Season 17 Celebration Stream is tomorrow, January 3rd, on the Xbox Ambassadors Mixer channel! Come see the various Team members who make the Xbox Ambassador program run, hear their updates, and hang out. We’ll be going live at 12 PM PST and will end before 2. I, ProCrow, will be hosting for the first time! Expect it to have lots of birdseed, bad jokes, cawing, and eyeglasses.

ProCrow Gamertag over a talk show hosts head, with the Xbox Ambassador logo being interviewed.

New Accessibility Features

Based off Ambassador feedback, Academy Quizzes have been reworked to be more friendly with screen readers. Quizzes will now start with the “Question #” before each question, and randomization has been removed. Thank you for providing this feedback to us. We are dedicated to making the site accessible and this kind of feedback is a great help. If you have additional accessibility feedback, remember you can contact a Community Manager directly, or email xboxambs@microsoft.com.

Phasing out CM Email aliases

On January 13, we are sunsetting the personal email addresses for the Community Managers. See contact information below:

You can still directly contact Community Managers on Twitter, Discord, and Xbox. Remember you can talk to ANY Community Manager, regardless of if they are “yours” or not.

Taxel's Twitter Logo

Twitter: @XA_Taxel  |  Discord: Mister Taxel#3685  |  Xbox: Mister Taxel

Ashes X Twitter Logo

Twitter: @XA_AshesX  |  Discord: Miss AshesX#2661  |  Xbox: Miss AshesX


ProCrow GamerIcon

Twitter: @XA_ProCrow  |  Discord: ProCrow#6810  |  Xbox: MrProCrow
Twitter is the best place to contact ProCrow directly

Want to ask a general question? DM us @XboxAmbassadors on Twitter or email us at xboxambs@microsoft.com.

Report a bug directly or learn more about reporting bugs by visiting the Xbox Ambassadors Handbook.

Ask your fellow Ambassadors questions in the #ambassador_help channel in Discord and become friends with them on Xbox.

New way to gain XP + New Starter Missions

We have added new Starter Missions that contain a new way to unlock XP. These are called “Website Activities” and reward various amounts of XP for visiting a URL and other link clicks. This will allow some more variety in future mission design, so look forward to that. If you haven’t completed the Starter Missions, go and give these new ones a look!


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