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The First 30 Days of Season 18

New Level Unlocked: Lifetime Levels

Season 18 is here, and with it we are launching Lifetime Levels for Xbox Ambassadors. If you’re hearing about this for the first time, make sure to check out the Last 30 Days of Season 17 and Introducing Lifetime Levels for Xbox Ambassadors blog posts for a deeper dive.

For the past couple of years, Xbox Ambassadors have gained XP to attain higher tiers throughout the seasons. Now, with Lifetime Levels, Ambassadors will see the progression they’ve made—how much XP they’ve unlocked since joining. 

Unlocking XP

This new way of measuring XP comes with an update to unlocking it. Prior to Season 18, Xbox Ambassadors achieved XP through the completion of activities, while bonus XP was awarded upon the completion of Missions. Going forward, completing a Mission will be the only way to gain XP.

Why the change?

Focus. The Xbox Ambassadors have done (and continue to do) a tremendous job in helping, welcoming, and supporting other gamers in the Xbox community. That isn’t always an easy task! Our goal as Ambassadors is to make gaming fun for everyone. The new Missions set-up will help both new and veteran Ambassadors to make that goal a reality.

Updates to Missions

In addition to the new Missions page layout (see walkthrough below), there are going to be changes to what activities are going into Missions. We will no longer be rewarding daily XP for submitting Video Gallery content and we are shifting the activities we reward in Forums Missions. The activities of creating or replying to a discussion thread will be retired—to unlock XP on the forums, answering question threads is the way to go. If you are an expert on the Forums and have your answers marked by the original poster or a moderator, we want to highlight your expertise back to the community with special badges.

We have made these changes to ensure the quality of the Xbox Ambassadors community remains high.

Retiring the Seasonal Leaderboard

Effective today, we are retiring the Seasonal Leaderboard and Top 100 rewards.

Ultimately, in an effort to reward and recognize the most dedicated Ambassadors in the most meaningful way, and to make the experience easy to understand and participate for all Ambassadors, we chose to actually make Lifetime Levels a replacement to the Seasonal Leaderboard and Top 100 rewards.

With this update, you can still unlock Seasonal recognition and rewards by reaching various Seasonal Tiers, Bronze through Diamond. In fact, the higher your Lifetime Level, the quicker you can reach higher Seasonal Tiers via Bonus XP from your level modifier. The Seasonal Tiers will continue to award badges, pins, and gaming-related items.

A Guide to the New Missions Interface

Before we jump in, please remember that some of the images and descriptions may not reflect what is on the site. This is because the Missions page and Lifetime Levels are in a beta-state for Season 18. With your participation and feedback, we’ll be making changes for a better experience!

Let’s start at the top with the new header. I gave a sneak peek in my last blog post—here’s the full picture:


The new header comes with a “Beta” tag, indicators for both your Lifetime and Seasonal XP, and your Lifetime Level and Seasonal Tier progressions.

  1. At the top left corner of the new Missions page, you’ll spot the “Beta” tag. So long as that’s there, you can expect to see some design changes to the page and possibly some shifting to the XP thresholds for leveling up. We will be sending out surveys via Missions. Be sure to keep an eye out to give us feedback and gain XP while you do!
  2. Where there was previously some text and links to the Handbook and Profile pages, there will now be a banner mirroring the one on your Xbox Ambassador profile. Like the banner there, this one will indicate where you are in your Seasonal Tier progression (with a colored bar). Both banners will also display your Lifetime Level Badge and show how much Lifetime XP you’ve unlocked over the course of your Ambassadorship.
  3. In this section of the header, Ambassadors can see how much more Lifetime XP is needed to level-up. The “Bonus XP” refers to the modifier applied to a specific Level. For this Getting Started example, no modifier is applied to XP.
  4. If you direct your gaze to the upper right of the image, you will see that the static header across the website is getting cleaned up too! Your Seasonal XP will remain in easy view along with the Notifications icon. If you’re looking for your rewards and sweepstakes or a quick click to the Missions page, check out the top navigation bar for direct links to all these pages (My Rewards, Sweepstakes, Missions).

Scrolling down, you’ll see that the universal header follows you! (Unless you’re on mobile.) This snapshot also offers a better view of our new prismed background.


As you scroll down to look at what Missions are available, you can quickly glance at where you’re at in your Seasonal Tier progression. This sub-header will also always display a smaller version of your Lifetime Level Badge.

When you open the Missions page, it will show you where you’re at in the Levels progression. If you click a locked Level, you’ll find out more about what you can expect once they’re unlocked.

Active Missions are live Missions that have not yet been completed. Once you have done every checkpoint on the Mission card, the Mission will be moved to the Completed Missions section of the page.

Mission cards will appear either in rows or a stack if you are on mobile or using a smaller screen. The category names (“Getting Started” in this view) give an indication of what kinds of Missions need to be completed. The Mission titles (e.g. “Review the Xbox Community Standards”) inform on the direction of a Mission. And the green box at the bottom links to where you can fulfill the Mission’s checkpoints. Lastly, the row reading “25 XP” is where you can find how much XP is awarded upon Mission completion.

The images and colors of the new Mission cards will help Ambassadors do a quick scan of what kinds of Missions they prefer. As you level-up, new Missions will become available and the Mission set-up will expand.


As a new Ambassador, the “Getting Started” Missions have no time limit and will only award XP. Higher level Ambassadors will see how much time is left on Missions and if there is an additional reward—in this example, 5 Sweepstakes Tickets would be awarded in addition to the 150 XP.

Before I wrap up, there’s something else I wanted to share, and that’s the level-up notification. No matter where you are on the Xbox Ambassadors website, when you reach a new Level, you will be notified with a message directing you to a new set of Missions (there will also be an option to continue what you were doing).

new-level 1-Icon-for-xbox-ambassadors

Have questions or feedback?

We know this is a lot of information, all at once. If you have feedback or questions, please reach out to a Community Manager or email us at xboxambs@microsoft.com. If you have more questions, remember to check the Last 30 Days of Season 17 and the Introducing Xbox Ambassador Lifetime Levels blog posts, you are now equipped to go out there and level up!