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Hello Xbox Ambassadors! Season 18 has been a doozy hasn’t it?

Pride Month

Last month was Pride month, and we had the opportunity to highlight multiple Xbox Ambassadors who identify as LGTBQIA+! These are some wonderful stories of gaming and self-discovery. You should check out the blog!

The Xbox Ambassador logo in front of the LGTBQIA+ Flag, and includes the black and brown stripes. These symbolize Black and Brown people.

Level Badges

Your Xbox Ambassador badge on the Xbox Profile has changed to a level badge! You’ll need to hit Level 1 in order to have it show up on your Xbox Profile Page. If you had the badge before, and now it’s gone, check that you have reached Level 1 on your Xbox Ambassador Mission page. We made this change to celebrate those Xbox Ambassadors who have reached the higher levels, as well as to update the XP minimums to reflect what Xbox Ambassadors need to get started. Check out the Missions page to keep leveling up your badge!

Xbox Ambassador Level Icons, each shown individually from level 1 to level 4. The numbers, stars, and laurels all increasing as the badges increase to larger numbers.

With Mixer shutting down, we at the Xbox Ambassadors are discussing whether to move to Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, or even some combination of these platforms. Once we know where our newest streaming home(s) will be, we’ll put out an announcement.

The Twitch Logo, the Youtube Logo, and The Facebook Logo

Forum: Contribute to the convo change

As the Xbox Ambassador experience continues to stride towards making gaming fun for everyone, we have decided to change the current Forums Mission to encompass our values.

On July 1st, we will launch a new Forums Mission called “Contribute to the Conversation.” This new mission will feature conversation topics, prompts, and questions curated to generate discussion and capture your thoughts, stories, and experiences.

With the introduction of this mission, we will also be retiring the “Connect with the Xbox Community on the Xbox Forums” mission July 1st. Although that mission is going away, Ambassadors are welcome to continue participating in the Xbox Forums and will continue to be recognized by the Xbox Ambassador badge on Microsoft Answers. Don’t forget, if you’re helping someone in the forums (or elsewhere), you can “Let us know you helped or chatted with 5 people” on the XA Missions page and get XP.

We want to thank every Ambassador who participated in Forums Missions and Activities over the years. The time, effort, feedback, and contributions you dedicated to the Xbox Forums – and more importantly to your fellow gamers – is sincerely appreciated.

A person in a green and orange jacket looking at multiple floating screens in front of an aquamarine background

The Beta has Ended:

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions with us throughout Season 18! The updates to the Missions page and new Missions would not have been possible without all of you. Even though the beta is over, we will continue to make updates and add new content — so keep an eye out for more Survey Missions on the website, and links in the Season 18 Tier emails!