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The Franchise that Defines Gaming: From Guest Writer Pandy Yato

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! This is a guest submission by @PandyYato, an ambassador of the month and all round lovely person. We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here.

The Franchise That Defines Gaming

We all remember the first time we played a certain game. We bought it from a local games shop, unsure whether it would actually appeal to us, took off the wrapper, excitedly placed that disk into the console, and discovered a world, a world that changed gaming for us.

For me, that world will always be from Square Enix and their Final Fantasy franchise. I remember the first time I played FFVII and those feelings of wonder, sadness and satisfaction it gave to me. I was amazed by how the story & music combined to create an eternal love within me. No matter what other games I may currently be playing, I am always playing a Final Fantasy game too.

final fantasy 7 cover art

Gaming gives us many worlds, many lives, many abilities we cannot have in real life. When asked, most gamers will have a franchise that defines gaming for them. This is a franchise they return to time & time again, and it feels like “home”. I was curious what franchises define gaming for my fellow ambassadors, and so I asked them the question…

“What game franchise defines gaming for you?”


“Assassin’s Creed has been the series that I’ve loved since day one. I’ve played every single one of the games they have brought out , even the spin off/ not main ones. What makes it special for me is the variety of settings and the beautiful stories that are told, there have been so many places I want to explore in the world because of those games.
The soundtrack is another beautiful aspect (I have been to see the symphony live) and even the ones I’ve not been a big fan of, I still appreciated it and enjoyed the journey along the way.”

Multiple assassins from assassin's creeds

F U I D C:

“The games I grew up with, loved and still play to this day is the Resident Evil series, those have been my all-time favourite and will always be my go- to games.”

many characters from resident evil


“For me, it’s got to be Halo.
From memories of the couch co-op of the original trilogy campaign or the first steps as guests of friends, through to the wonderful friends I’ve made achievement hunting on MCC or in Reach, Halo 5 and Halo Wars multiplayer.
If that wasn’t enough, the expanded lore from the books is also incredible rich and deep.”

master chief screenshot


“Dragon Age. Whenever I don’t know what to play, I always go back to that series. I love the characters like they’re my own friends & family.”

The cover art for dragon age


“Elder Scrolls for me. And maybe Assassins Creed.
Elder Scrolls has been one of my absolute favourite franchises for a while, to the point where I now have the Elder Scrolls Online ouroboros tattooed on my forearm. Fantastic game.”

the dragonborn from skyrim


“Absolutely adore the Dark Souls franchise. I love everything about it. The depressing atmosphere, the hidden lore, the fact the world is dying and people are struggling to survive. That’s just the non-gameplay stuff!
Amazing level, mostly interconnected, incredible fights, memorable boss fights.”

The cover art for dark souls prepare to die edition


“Personally, my favourite franchise is the Batman Arkham games. They’ve all been rock solid and I’ve enjoyed every minute playing.”

The cover art of batman arkham asylum

As you can see from the answers, gaming is not one size fits all. There are many genres, with many different people championing their go-to franchise. These franchises provide them their fondest of memories, and they continue to cherish them. Gaming is for everyone. We all find that one franchise that defines gaming for us and fall in love with that new world.

Thank you to all Xbox Ambassadors who answered, I loved reading your stories. If you are reading this and you are not an Xbox Ambassador, check us out and find out more, we’d love to have you!