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The future looks so bright—State of Decay 2 has launched

Today’s the day—the world that is State of Decay 2 is among us. This zombie-survival game is awesome for all Xbox gamers who are all about resource management, exploration, playing with fellow gamers, and of course, killing zombies. Fight your way through this peaceful yet frightening world with Xbox Ambassadors who’ve fought off the unrestful dead for survival. Remember, it’s not safe to play at night.

There’s some beauty left in the world

We’ve been surviving, building up resources, and waiting for our time to strike in State of Decay 2—it’s finally here. We have some awesome Ambassadors who got access to the State of Decay Technical Beta as well as those who opted to get the game early on May 18. Here’s what they have to say about it, so when you’re ready to log on, you already have a crew of zombie killers waiting to help you survive.

State of Decay 2 combines the best of many realms and places them into a living, breathing world that requires survival, resource management, and exploration skills. The action is intense, even in the grimmest situations. At no point do you feel like you’ve run out of things to do, as you’re constantly balancing morale, quelling in-fighting and expanding, all while staving off zeds. And when you think you finally have it all managed, something will spring up and you must rush to put out that fire. You can choose to build the biggest colony and take out the horde, or you can even choose to play in more intimately and create one-on-one scenarios with the undead. In short, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time playing so far, and I think the game has a little something for everyone. — F5 Penguin

Did someone say apocalypse? I say fun! Building your own shelter, finding survivors, playing with friends, killing zombies, what could be better? State of Decay 2 is the perfect game for people who like those things, so what are you waiting for? Hype is real, can’t wait to play with fellow zombie killers! – SoldierX3

State of Decay 2 is awesome. I was hooked the minute I started. I love the vibe; the game play is awesome and super engaging. There is endless amounts of side quests and adventures. It’s going to be painful having to restart what I have done so far. The fact you can play with four people at once is going to make this even more enticing to most gamers and it’s going to be on steady rotation for a while. Gotta go now. I have zombies to kill, communities to build, and Maxen is yelling at me. #blamemaxen – choppyseize

Kill zombies outside of State of Decay 2

Come to think of it, it’s not safe to play outside at all, so let’s help Xbox gamers fight off zombies in State of Decay 2! Complete five activities in these areas to complete a step: Support Chat, Twitter, and/or Xbox Forums. At the end of the 10-step mission, your help will be rewarded with Sweepstakes tickets! The word that is State of Decay 2 is calling, are you ready to help other gamers kill some zombies? Accept this new mission and keep surviving!

The night is dark and full of playgrounds

If you’re ready to become the ultimate zombie killer, make sure to get your digital copy of State of Decay 2! Check out the Microsoft store and download it today! It’s not safe to play in the dark. Come to think of it, it’s not safe to play outside at all. Even while inside these walls are we truly safe? Or, are we just telling ourselves that to make it through the night.


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