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The memes have spoken—your meme challenge winners

We called, you answered! A few weeks ago, a meme challenge was unleashed on the Xbox Ambassador community, and the #XboxAmbsMemeChallenge was a huge success! We saw all sorts of memes, and we are so glad that Ambassadors had a fun time—especially those who took cracks at your favorite Xbox Ambassador Team members (Sconnie, where you at?!). Let’s take a look at some of our meme winners—those who were able to make the Xbox Ambassador Team member double over with laughter.

Champions—take the stage

The Xbox Ambassador Team is proud to announce your Xbox Ambassador meme challenge winners! Make sure to give each winner a round of applause!











Check out all the submissions

If you want to check out all the #XboxAmbsMemeChallenge submissions, make sure to search that hashtag on Twitter, and let your world be filled with quality Xbox Ambassador memes. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.

A special thanks to all Ambassadors who participated in the meme challenge. There was a total of 79 memes over three days! We hope you had fun—until the next fun challenge.


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