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The power of gaming and its community

I don’t know about you, but my mom never understood why I liked video games so much or why I spent endless hours online. Well, that’s easy, mom—one of the most incredible aspects of gaming is the community and the unbreakable bonds and friendships one could make. That’s why all gaming communities and the friendships made should be celebrated!

Enter the world of your team members

We all have stories about how gaming has brought ourselves and others from all over the world together. Check out these community anecdotes straight from the Xbox Ambassadors Team members.

This is going to sound like pandering. I’ve been in a lot of online communities, but the best people I’ve found are in the Ambassadors Program. Once I started working on the XCS team as Forums Support, I built relationships with some of the Alphas, Forums moderators, and Xbox MVPs. I talk with so many of them daily outside of work now that I’ve considered them close friends for years. I’m incredibly thankful for the Ambassadors Program, this job, and the people they’ve both introduced me to. – Misses Q

Almost a year and a half ago, I was notified that Xbox would be acquiring the streaming platform Mixer (then Beam) and that we should begin creating our own accounts on the service. I have been watching live streams for a long time and had been creating content on other services for many years. After checking out the platform for only a few hours, I was hooked, mostly because of the different people I was able to meet through the service. Little did I know, that some of the streamers and community members I would meet through Mixer would become some of the closest friends that I have today. Some I play video games with or tune into their streams daily. I am grateful to have met all the amazing people that I have through Mixer and livestreaming in general. They are friends that I will have for a very long time and ones that I cannot wait to create even more amazing memories with. – Mister Teal

I first heard about Emericagirl24 through a retweet from Scrtch—she had done a lot of streaming on Twitch before she joined us as a Mixer Play Host, and her streams were always fun and entertaining. She was also into Overwatch, so that helped get my attention. Soon we were following each other on Xbox, Mixer, and Twitter, and we often play games together including Overwatch, Fortnite, and Sea of Thieves. We support rival teams in the Overwatch League, which could get dicey in the future. Recently we started playing a tabletop RPG game together with some other friends. Now, every Sunday, we investigate strange towers, fight monsters, and debate ghost politics. All of that would probably never have happened without the Xbox Ambassadors Program. – Mr Matthew

I used to play Final Fantasy XIV heavily a few years ago and found that one of the people in my Free Company (guild) lived less than ten minutes from me. We’re now super good friends and we hang out pretty regularly! – Mister Maka

We all have those friends that we never talk to as much we did in grade school, high school, or college. Even with phones in our pockets and the Internet, we don’t take the time call or tweet to communicate with them. The thing is, video games give me the perfect avenue to stay in touch with my friend. I talk with my good friends daily through all the multiplayer gaming we do on Xbox. When talking to my mother on the phone, she always asks if I have talked to any of my old friends recently. I then say yes because I am actively trying to wrap up the conversation with her, so I can get into Matchmaking in Rainbow Six Siege with them! Yeah, this sounds like a commercial for why Xbox is so great. But truthfully, we used to do this on PC back in the early days of Minecraft. Playing online video games has allowed me to stay in touch with my friends from home, or even the ones I work with each day. It even strengthens our friendship by giving us the same drive to work together and overcome a challenge in games. This is all done with people thousands of miles from each other and in three different time zones! – Mister Sconnie

When you really sit down and think about it, it’s incredible the amount of people you can be connected to through a single video game. We’re all playing the same game for the same reason, and we all have the same passions—video games!

We want your stories

Now it’s your turn! Tell us your incredible gaming stories about community and friendship in our Discord channel #friendship_always_wins.

The team wants to hear your stories and showcase one in an upcoming blog! The Discord channel will list all information, guidelines, and timeline.

All gaming communities should be celebrated, and we know that our Ambassadors do an amazing job at making our Xbox community the best one ever.


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