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The Quiet Kindness of the Xbox Ambassadors, By Pandy Yato

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! This is a guest submission by Pandy Yato, an Ambassador of the Month and all around lovely person. We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here.

The Xbox Ambassadors are known throughout the community for being a positive force who are a guiding voice when the community requires it & its biggest fans.

All of us are volunteer gamers and whilst we have no powers beyond that of an average gamer, we use our combined voices to promote an inclusive environment for all & we attempt to do this on an international level.

We volunteer our time to provide support to the community, if you have a problem with your Xbox, we are often the people who will help you but the support offered can also transcend the physical and move into the emotional, we are there for gamers regardless of what the problem may be & we are willing to help in anyway we can, we are there to help our communities with what they need.

As the Ambassadors have moved more into the community, become a more visible presence & seen our numbers grow, there is a greater number of Ambassadors performing a different type of support, engaging in charity fundraising or real world charitable acts.

Ambassadors like ImHeysus, a man who is selflessly printing N95 Shields for his local hospital. And, whilst this doesn’t replace the need for masks, this does help to protect medical staff and keep them safe at a time they need it the most. He has provided aid in the real world which can help to save lives & should inspire us all to look beyond ourselves and see what we can do for others.



The 3D printers being used to print the shields



Gamers fundraising for charities is not a new concept, we all have a cause we support, a charity that we feel deserves aid and this is a bright spot within the Xbox Ambassadors that is rarely discussed or highlighted, but is very much a growing & vibrant trend.

A trend that Ambassadors like Alpha Ambassador Bowski embody, they set themselves targets for their chosen charity and annually they will try to reach that goal & thus their kindness towards others is not a one time thing, it is a yearly and constant act which inspires others to do the same.


Bowski on Extra-Life

If you look on social media, you will find a wide range of Ambassadors, from our Alphas & MVPS, to the newest members promoting their causes and they all do it well, we may not all reach our fundraising goals but each one tries their best and promotes charity to the community, simultaneously encouraging others to engage in these actions & providing hope to the people these charities help.

Other Ambassadors turn their attention to supporting the causes of others, Ambassadors such as TheEdge1970, who through his own name; and his company, Monster Egg Studios, has donated $1000s to various charitable causes such as Manchester’s Childrens Hospital or Special Effect over the years & helped so many different Ambassadors reach their charity stream goals.


This growing trend towards charitable acts is truly one of the best parts of being an Ambassador, or a human, by helping others in this way, by helping charities, we encourage a kinder and more positive community. One that wishes to help & does not always consider what you will get out of it or how it makes you look but instead supports those who truly need it.

The Xbox Ambassadors started off as a support network for gamers and now as time goes on, we are growing into something more, a strong, community that considers its members family and over the years, have easily raised thousands for many different charities, we have evolved into a something more positive, and more caring.

This is an aspect of the gaming community that needs to be celebrated, it is a part of the Ambassadors & larger Xbox community that needs to be discussed and promoted because engaging in charitable acts create an environment that welcomes all, promotes inclusivity, and shows that gaming is truly for everyone.

Ambassadors, together we stand, together we game, & together we can make a positive difference, we can truly show the world how gamers can be an extraordinary force for good, together we can impact & change the world.

So, consider this your call to arms and take a look at your own community, charities you may be interested in and see how you can help, volunteer your time & heart and learn how you can help create a better gaming community & world. If you are reading this and you are not an Xbox Ambassador, check us out and find out more, we’d love to have you & help you reach your charity goals!