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The sun sets on Season 10

Whew. Season 10 has ended, and it was a wild ride. This season held some amazing moments, like the launch of State of Decay 2 and the epic narrative of our new website, fantastic featured Ambassadors, new team members, and so much more.

What made Season 10 special 

Season 10 had multiple aspects that made this particular season extra special. Let’s relive those moments for the funsies.  

Xbox Ambassadors were able to enjoy the launch of State of Decay 2 with a Technical Beta, a fantastic community event in Seattle, WA hosted by Undead Labs, and an epic (if we do say so ourselves) zombie video made by yours truly. We had an awesome guest blog from our very own Monkiedude22 from his experience attending the Undead Labs special launch party on May 18 in Seattle!  

During Season 10, the Xbox Ambassador Program launched the first in a series of fun community challenges which was a photo challenge! The community downright loved the challenge and within a seven-day period, there were 157 photos submitted. You and your fellow Ambassadors showcased each other, your creativity, and your favorite video games! If you want to check out the winners of the photo challenge, make sure to check them out here and give them a shout out!  

One of the biggest moments in Season 10 was (of course) E3 2018. E3 is the world’s premier event for computer and video games and related content, and it was held from June 12 – June 14 in Lost Angeles. Some of our Xbox Ambassadors made the trip to enjoy all the announcements made by Microsoft, game developers, and technology developers. The Xbox Ambassador Team sent five Ambassadors to the 2018 Xbox E3 Briefing! Plus, Xbox Ambassadors who were attending E3 were able to meet up with one another and enjoy all the fun!  

If we didn’t have enough awesome moments in Season 10, it was also the season that really highlighted the launch of our new Xbox Ambassador Program website! This website will launch on July 1, 2018, and will provide a new, sleek design as well as provide enhanced functionality for a better Ambassador experience. Want to read the most important communications about the website and what to expect? Make sure to check out this awesome forum post! It’s time to get excited! Season 11 will start off beautiful with a new website.

Now for the best—you 

As always, you and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors prove time and time again that making other Xbox gamers feel included and welcomed is number one. Connecting to fellow gamers is your passion, and Season 10 was no exception.

*slow clap*  

Season 10 stats

Gamers helped - 129,700
XP unlocked - 5,922,000
Missions completed - 2,400
Quizzes taken - 7,600

Let the spotlight continue  

During Season 10, we had two amazing Ambassador Spotlights dedicated to DGN Gianniplay and Gamer with Lyme. Ambassador Spotlights are dedicated to those Ambassadors who go above and beyond. It’s not just the amount of chats and Twitter conversations completed, it’s about the impact these Ambassadors have on the Xbox community. It’s about the inclusion they give to all gamers. It’s about their desire to make Xbox the best place to play.  

If you’d like to read more about DGN Gianniplay, make sure to check out his Ambassador Spotlight here 

If you’d like to read more about Gamer with Lyme, make sure to check out his Ambassador Spotlight here 

The family grew 

During Season 10, your Xbox Ambassador Team grew, and we welcomed three new Ambassador Community Experts—Mister TaxelMisses AshesX, and Mister Rezzee! Make sure to give them a follow on Twitter if one of them is you’re ACE! They’re pretty neat people, we keep them we guess.  

Stick with the program 

Whew is right! Season 10 was amazing, and we’re super excited to see how Season 11 will turn out. Make sure to keep as up to date as possible with all aspects of the Xbox Ambassador Program and fellow Ambassadors. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram! If you do, you will be able to keep up on the latest and greatest, watch silly (yet fantastic) videos, connect with your fellow Ambassadors, and so much more! Trust us, our social handles are pretty cool.  

If streaming is your passion, make sure to follow our Xbox Ambassador Mixer channel and get connected to our Play Hosts—amazing streamers who are Ambassadors and who we host on our Ambassador channel! You can connect with them through our Xbox Ambassador Discord channel. But wait, there’s more—if you want thoughtful and engaging video content, make sure to check out the Xbox Ambassador YouTube channel 

Make sure to tag us at @XboxAmbassadors for a chance at a repost and use the hashtags #XboxAmbassadors or, if you get an awesome coin or reward, use the hashtag #XboxAmabssadorRewards.  

The sunrise on Season 11 

The new season is upon us, and we have a feeling Season 11 is going to be just as fun as Season 10! A special thanks to you, that’s right, you, and to your fellow Ambassadors for being so great. You are the reason why Xbox is the best place to play.  

Let us know your favorite part of Season 10 in the comments below and we welcome to Season 11! 


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