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The Xbox Ambassador Program in a nutshell

Xbox Ambassadors make a positive impact on Xbox by participating in community-focused activities offered through the Xbox Ambassador Program. And, if you’re reading this, that means you’re interested in making your mark on the community in your own way.

Through the Xbox Ambassador Program, you’re able to connect with other gamers, share your Xbox expertise, and make an impact on this community. There are many activities you can do that best appeal to you and how you like to connect with other gamers.

Embark on missions

Missions are a set of challenges for different activities. And what’s even better is you don’t need to accept them.  As you accomplish activities to complete missions, you will unlock special rewards, like bonus XP, sweepstakes tickets, and more.

Missions are broken up into different types, like daily’s, weekly and monthly missions. But, if a specific activity, like YouTube is your jam, there are also Video Gallery missions.

A chance at exclusive rewards

Ambassadors unlock a variety of rewards by completing missions advancing through the seasonal tiers, and by entering sweepstakes.

Rewards range from physical or digital pins, avatar items, Ambassador-branded swag, and sweepstakes tickets for your chance to win Xbox games, Xbox subscriptions, and even gaming accessories.

Test your luck with sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are a weekly drawing that offer Ambassadors a chance to receive various Xbox prizes and rewards.. Each week, the prize(s) will be announced on the sweepstakes page and you’re able to submit your sweepstakes tickets into the drawing.

Ambassadors receive sweepstakes tickets by completing missions, as a part of your seasonal reward, or by participating in other program activities like surveys or Ambassador events. Sweepstakes tickets do not expire, so save them or use them as you like.

Who doesn’t like to win prizes! The sweepstakes are definitely fun and with the ticket system, you get to choose when and how many tickets to put in the bucket which is a cool feature. I was excited to win the Xbox One Media Remote because I watch quite a lot on streaming services, so it’s easier and much more convenient than using the controller. SuperDan9001, winner of an Xbox One Media Remote

Unlock XP, climb the leaderboard

The leaderboard is where Ambassadors go to see where they rank amongst fellow Ambassadors based on XP. Each season, the leaderboard resets and every Ambassador has a new chance to climb the ranks. Every activity you compete gives you XP, gets you closer to the next tier, and helps you climb the ranks of the leaderboard.

Connect to Ambassadors your way

The Xbox Ambassador Program offers multiple ways to connect with fellow Ambassador, so pick the way that works best for you and your interests.

  • Tweet, retweet, and hashtag with us on Twitter.
  • Pick the best filter with us on Instagram.
  • Stream your heart out with us on Mixer.
  • Upload engaging video content with us on YouTube.
  • Chit chat with Ambassadors around the globe in the Lounge.

We may need a bigger nutshell

The Xbox Ambassador Program has a whole lot more to offer, so we will leave the rest for your own discovery. Whether you’re a new Ambassador to the program or you’re thinking about joining, we can promise that you will not be disappointed. You’re entering a world of the biggest and most passionate Xbox fans, and we’re so happy to have you along with us.


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