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‘Tis the season for knowledge

Hey Xbox Ambassadors, Taxel in the house! As 2018 winds down, it’s time for many Ambassadors to get together with friends and family, have fun in the gift-giving season, and get down on some sweet new Xbox games!

So, in light of all the new games that came out during 2018, we’ve put together all kinds of academy resources for you to master (psst .. each quiz passed will unlock you XP). We hope that you caught all of these as they came out, but here’s a list of the newest resources around games released and FAQs that can come up around Xbox at this time of year.

New games

Awesome FAQs

Now you’ve got all the knowledge! Well, maybe not all, but more! Have suggestions for new quizzes, updates to the academy, or feedback on the academy in general? Send ‘em to your CM and we’ll be happy to help!


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