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To Our Moderators – Thank you!

Xbox Ambassadors help make gaming inclusive, welcoming, and safe for those they come across. When it comes to making a positive space for people to be in, we want to thank our dedicated moderators for being there for us and everyone else! Be it in Discord, Clubs, Forums, or Mixer, all of our moderators have a hand in making our spaces an inviting place to be in.

Our moderators come from around the world and can be found at different times of the day in all our channels. They are there to keep the environment safe and the conversation going. How did they come about? We asked them what brought them to the program and what motivates them to stay. The overwhelming majority said the same thing – their passion for gaming, helping others, and being able to be a part of such an inclusive community.

Male Xbox Avatar with glasses

“Being able to use my knowledge and skills to help others as well as getting involved in the community and meet with some great people who share my passion for gaming.” -Puppy Fujo

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“Passion for helping others brought me to Xbox Ambassadors program, and I have found a lot more than I’ve expected to find. Not just by helping, but I’ve found & met all these amazing fellow ambassadors and it’s like a huge family to me now. How can I leave my Family?” – itzNemesisPrime

Man holding ambassador logo

“I was first brought to the program by an ad on the Xbox Dashboard and don’t regret it. I stayed due to a wonderful and caring community that welcomed me in straight away.” – MisterRatBoy

Being a part of the Xbox Ambassadors community gives people an opportunity to experience positive gaming and meet people with common passions. A healthy community is keeping a place welcoming and safe for everyone. Our moderators agree.

Male Xbox Avatar

“Everyone coming together and accepting the differences in people’s opinions and lifestyles and still being there for each other [is what a healthy community looks like]” – AngelOBullets

Man with hat and cape

“A healthy community is one that brings each other up with encouragement and empathy. To help those who may not feel very ‘social’ be a part of something big and fun, with no judgement.” – Venture Jones

Penguin with a number five

“A healthy community is one that respects others first and foremost. They share a common goal of inclusiveness and positivity, and they work toward that daily. The group can be vulnerable in sharing their true feelings and thoughts, and the rest of the community welcomes that and adds insight when appropriate. They’re empathetic and work hard to make sure that everyone who is there to achieve a greater good feel like they’re welcome.” – F5 Penguin

“Always stay positive, your positivity can help any community to achieve the goal of being a healthy community.” – itzNemesisPrime

Moderators are hand-selected individuals who are trusted to uphold the Ambassadors pledge and help keep everyone feeling welcomed. So what’s the best part of being a moderator? We asked that question to find out from the source.

Cat with hat and sunglasses

“The best part of being a moderator is trying to find creative solutions on the fly. You never know what people are going to throw at you. Oddly, this also happens to me in the real world, people randomly approach me with all kinds of strange questions. It’s like they can sense that I know things.” – Choppyseize

BlondiebutGeeky headshot

“What I like most about being a moderator is the interaction.  It’s so nice being around people that share the same passion for Xbox as I do.  Sometimes with a name like Xbox in the title, it can be intimidating, that’s where I come in, bring on the Welcome Wagon… [We] break the ice, say hi, welcome them, and start a conversation.   We are a very positive and welcoming community that supports, you, the gamer.  Being an Xbox Ambassador moderator and host is an excellent way to share the positivity within the community.” – BlondiebutGeeky

Man with mask

“Trust. The trust others have in me. When I started to mod for ID@Xbox I had not met any of them in person. They trusted me, and that says a lot. Same goes for the Xbox channel.” – DoPeY5007

There are endless stories of memorable gaming experiences and how online communities positively impacted the lives of gamers. It holds true from our moderators as well.

animated girl“I wasn’t a big multiplayer gamer until about 2012 when I was invited to a pretty large gaming community. It became my home and part of my gaming identity. It’s not around anymore like it was, but I have lifelong friends from that group… I think having friends, no matter your hobby, makes anything better! Having gamers you can talk to or just have fun with is important. Ambassadors has been a great place to find very positive people in all walks of life to come talk to and hang out with.” – Blueamcat

“I have formed real life bonds with people that I’ve met online, through gaming, but specifically through the Xbox Ambassadors. There are friends I now have that are closer to my family and I than some friends that I’ve known longer and met in real life initially. To me, I can’t place anything above that.” – F5 Penguin

“[Online communities positively impact the lives of gamers] by just bringing people with like interests together. Not everyone has a friend close by that they can do some coop missions with. With a community as large as the Ambassadors, there is bound to be someone you can get with to complete missions in any game, and they can be someone from half the world away!” – DoPeY5007

We thank our moderators from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you to those who moderate one space and thank you to those who moderate all of them. We wouldn’t be able to function the way we do without them. They are part of the front line that welcomes new Ambassadors while also being fully engaged with the rest of the community. A big round of applause to them!


“Let’s all do our part for a safe, inclusive, positive experience for all. It’s ok to be competitive, but we have to ensure a fair and level playing field. We are going to get upset at a loss, its natural but let’s not tear others apart or get into other unsportsmanlike behaviours. We’re here to have fun, so let’s do just that. Game on!” – Puppy Fujo


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