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Top 10 tips for new Xbox Ambassadors

Whether you’re a new Ambassador who has recently joined, or you’re reading this blog post because you’re interested in becoming an Ambassador, we have the *BEST* tips for you. The Xbox Ambassador Program is a great community to be part of, so we want all new Ambassadors to start off on the right foot. So, welcome, new Ambassador or gamer who is thinking about it. Let’s chat.

From the Xbox Ambassador Team

Are you a newly joined Amby or thinking of joining? Well, don’t you worry, we have the best top 10 tips from team members and fellow Ambassadors to ensure that your Ambassador experience starts off on the right foot.

The Ambassador Handbook

The Ambassador Handbook is your friend—make sure to take advantage of it and read though all the great things you can take do as an Xbox Ambassador. From the breakdown of seasons to activities and community touchpoints, you can feel confident that you’ll be involved with all the best parts of the community.

The Ambassador Community

Connect with other Ambassadors your way, anytime. Through the community page, you can find the best ways to connect with other Ambassadors in a fashion that’s in line with your personalized style. This community not only has friendship to offer, but mentorship too! It’s a welcoming community you can go to for anything Ambassador and gaming related.

The Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog

Keep up to date with the latest and greatest! Make sure to check out the Community Blog, where all the most recent news about the Xbox Ambassador community is accessible. From program updates to community highlights, it’s all there.

The Ambassador Academy

Want to become a master at all things Xbox? Take quizzes in the academy, your one-stop-shop to advance your Xbox knowledge and expertise to share with other gamers.

Ambassador Missions

Missions are a great way to unlock XP and sweepstakes tickets with different kinds of activities—all connecting you to fellow gamers and inching your way to unlocking exclusive rewards.

Where you thinking of joining and now you just can’t wait?! Samesies. Become part of one of the best gaming communities you’ll ever find, become an Xbox Ambassador today.

From Xbox Ambassadors

  1. If you encounter a question from a fellow gamer that involves personal information and that you can’t answer as an Ambassador, like a billing question, it’s completely okay to redirect them to official Xbox Support at xbox.com/contact-us.
  2. We have Ambassador Community Experts, and each Ambassador is assigned to one of four ACEs. Your ACE is your single point of contact for anything and everything. So, if you have a question, contact your ACE! Don’t know who your ACE is? Email the Xbox Ambassador Team at xboxambs@microsoft.com and ask.
  3. The Community Forums is a great location to have discussions with other games and to help enhance your Xbox expertise.
  4. As an Ambassador, you can only do your best when gamers ask questions. Do your best, sometimes you can’t answer a question, and that’s okay. Sometimes that gamer might get upset, and that’s okay. Do your best, be polite, and keep being an awesome Ambassador.
  5. Above all, your fellow Ambassadors are here for you. If you have a question, need support on a gamer or personal level, or just want to chat and make friends, your fellow Ambassadors are here for you.

Easy breezy lemon squeezy

There’s a lot more to know about being an Xbox Ambassador, but your fellow Ambassadors and Xbox Ambassador Team are here to guide you along the way. The Xbox Ambassador community is an inclusive, kind, and positive group of the biggest fans of Xbox. Whether you have just joined or thinking about it, we thank you for being a passionate Xbox gamer.

Ready to start your Xbox Ambassador experience? Join now.


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