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Updates to the Ambassador Lounge

Over the last few months, we’ve received a lot positive feedback on the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server. We’ve made some changes during this “Beta” phase and we’re happy with the many possibilities this Discord server can provide to Ambassadors.

Welcome, Discord

With that said, the Discord server will be officially replacing the current Lounge Chat found on the Xbox Ambassadors website. We’ll begin working soon to remove the IRC chat system from the Lounge webpage. We will then implement a Discord widget on the same page, which will allow new Ambassadors to easily find and join the Discord.

As a reminder, please do not use this Discord to report bugs or Program issues. Use the Report-a-Bug link at the bottom of ambassadors.xbox.com webpages to file unreported bugs and check the known-bugs forum thread HERE.

All an Xbox Ambassador will need to do is head to the Lounge webpage and click the “Connect” button at the bottom of the Discord widget to join the Discord server. Ambassadors will need to make a post in the #introduce_yourself channel. After you have made this post, the Discord Moderators will work on giving you the Ambassador Role in the server.

Please do not to invite anyone or share invite links to the Xbox Ambassadors Discord. All Ambassadors who need to join the server, should go through the Lounge page to gain access. They will be removed from the server, as well as the Ambassador who shared the invite or link.

If you know someone that is not an Ambassador, but would like to join the Discord, encourage them to join the Xbox Ambassadors Program!


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