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Using @XboxSupport to get your questions answered

There is a sea of Xbox content floating around the internet that could make your quest for Xbox answers a bit confusing. To make the process easier for you, we’ve put together this informative guide to help you navigate the support experience, starting with Twitter.

The people behind @XboxSupport

When a user reaches out to @XboxSupport, they get connected with one of two groups of people: The Xbox Elite Tweet Fleet or the Xbox Ambassadors.

Xbox Elite Tweet Fleet

The Xbox Elite Tweet Fleet, or “XETF” as we call them, is a group of Xbox Support Agents who are wildly passionate and knowledgeable about Xbox products and gaming experiences. Like Xbox customers, the members of XETF are active gamers in the community who play, stream, and pre-order. When they respond to support inquiries, they are likely speaking from experience. XETF is dynamic and the first in line to hear about any widespread support solutions.

Xbox Ambassadors

Assisting @XboxSupport is an army of expert gamers called Xbox Ambassadors who utlize the hastag #XboxHelps. This group is made up of volunteers who are highly experienced in Xbox gaming and use their knowledge to offer additional support to the Xbox community.

Tips for reaching out to @XboxSupport

@XboxSupport is the center of our support team and usually the best place to start if you have an Xbox related question. To give you the best customer experience possible, we have provided some tips below that you can follow when reaching out to Xbox Support via Twitter.

The more information, the better

One way to help ensure that your questions are answered thoroughly is to provide as many details as possible when reaching out. While our agents are knowledgeable and well-equipped to offer resolutions, they can better serve you by getting as much context as you can give. Try sharing videos and pictures as they are extremely helpful to the Ambassadors and XETF when diagnosing a problem.

Feel free to DM us

If you run out of characters in a tweet, you can always Direct Message @XboxSupport to give more details. Our knowledge is vast, and most of the time, we will provide troubleshooting steps that can resolve most issues.

Twitter is a very big place

@XboxSupport gets thousands of support tweets a day, and our agents are doing their best to reply as quickly as possible. Rather than pairing users with an agent first, you are put into a queue, to ensure wait times are evenly distributed.

Reference other resources

If you are experiencing a long wait, you can reference our Twitter profile page to see if your answer has recently been answered publically. You can also browse Xbox Forums and Support Videos to get an answer to your question while you are waiting for a Twitter response.

There are a few limitations

There are some scenarios that are team here in Redmond are not able to fully assist with. For example, agents cannot reassemble a physically broken controller via Twitter. They will, however, attempt to gather as much information as possible to deduce what exactly is going on and walk you through the appropriate steps to resolve the issue. If your issue cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, @XboxSupport will get you in touch with the people who can further assist you.

Are you an expert gamer who wants to contribute to the Xbox community? Become an Xbox Ambassador! You will have the opportunity to support gamers, one on one, and share your knowledge across platforms. Join us on our mission of making Xbox the best place to play.


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