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Wanting to Make Amends

This webcomic is about a young woman – Minnni – who games to escape real life stressors, like work. This is also the story of Rad Lad, a young gamer whose friend convinces him to give online gaming a chance.

You can download the webcomic in its entirety here.

Credit: Comic by ColossalSqvid & Story concept by Otter

Special thanks to: Blue Tiger, Miss Buffalo, and the rest of the Xbox Ambassadors Team for pre-reads, edits, and formatting

Below the comic is a transcript of the seven pages.


Page 1:
Panel 1: FATE Login. Update 2.0.0. T.O.S. Agree.
Panel 2: A young woman (Minnni) with short blonde hair has her headset resting around her neck. She smiles slightly and says, “Sweet! I’ve been waiting months for this DLC.”
Panel 3: A student (Rad Lad) with short black hair looks skeptical. He has his headset already on and says, “Let’s see what all the hype is about.”
Panel 4: Minnni’s in-game avatar wears a black cowled cloak with a golden emblem. She says, “Feels good to be back!”
Panel 5: Rad Lad’s in-game avatar wears a forest green cowled cloak and he wears a skeletal face mask. A thought bubble shows his confusion, “How do you? …”
Panel 6: Minnni’s avatar looks at the options – The Void Below. Matchmake for groups? Yes is selected, no is deselected.
Panel 7: A notification reading, “RadLad has joined!” pops up. Minnni says, “Alright… Let’s do this!”

Page 2:
Panel 1: Minnni is a Level 28, her volume and mic are on. She’s waiting for Rad Lad to reply.
Panel 2: Minnni in real life has her headset on and is looking skeptical. She says, “You got a mic? … Bud?”
Panel 3: Rad Lad’s avatar is stuck against a rock wall, looking up. He is Level 1 and has neither his volume nor his mic on.
Panel 4: In the game, Minnni goes over to him and asks, “Need help? Are you lagging?” She sighs, “Of course… I’m matched with a newbie.”
Panel 5: In real life, Rad Lad frowns at his controller. He has his volume on and hears Minnni say, “Alright, Rad Lad, Dunno if you can hear me or what, but… I’m moving on ahead.”

Page 3:
Panel 1: Minnni’s avatar sneaks up on a group of in-game monsters. They’re green humanoid creatures gathered around an pool.
Panel 2: Close-up of one of the monsters. It has a classic extra-terresterial face. There’s a sound in the distance behind it – krackle.
Panel 3: The sound grows louder, into a lightning bolt. Bzzzt!
Panel 4: Another monster looks confused.
Panel 5: It screams a battle cry.
Panel 6: Minnni’s avatar looks stunned. She asks, “What was that!?”
Panel 7: Rad Lad has not gotten his mic on yet, but thinks to himself, “Uh-oh.” There’s tell-tale blue lightning coming from him, similar to that which went past the monsters.
Panel 8: The monsters swipe at Minnni and take 453 of her life stats.
Panel 9: In real life, Minnni jumps, exclaiming, “Ah!”

Page 4:
Panel 1: In real life, Rad Lad is looking in confusion at the game. He says, “Wait! Why can’t I do that again?”
Panel 2: In the game, his avatar is also staring at his hand, which is failing to ignite more blue bolts of lightning.
Panel 3: Minnni’s avatar fires off magical fire bolts, obliterating the monsters with a 1337 Critical hit! She calls to Rad Lad, “Your lightning bolt is on cool-down! Use your other spells, you scrub!” There’s a pause, then she says, “Oh no…”
Panel 4: The panel is filled with a whole swarm of monsters.
Panel 5: The text “Game Over” fills the panel. There are the options to “Retry” and “Return to Fort” as well as the Team Score of 11,207.

Page 5:
Panel 1: In real life, Minnni is livid, her face clouded with fury. She shouts into her mic at Rad Lad, “You noob! You’re clearly under-leveled!”
Panel 2: Rad Lad, in real life, gets an ear-full of Minnni’s anger. She continues shouting, “What are you even doing playing the new stuff!?” His face his upset.
Panel 3: A phone lights up showing a notification, “Alarm! Work! 10:00 AM Saturday.” There’s an option to dismiss it.
Panel 4: Minnni puts her hand to her temple and sighs. “I need to get ready for work…” Her phone dings again.
Panel 5: Minnni picks up her controller.
Panel 6: She messages Rad Lad, “You noob! You made us wipe! Go play the vanilla content, you scrub.” There’s a pop-up window asking if she wants to send the message, and she clicks yes.
Panel 7: Rad Lad looks at his phone, looking dejected. On his phone screen, he sees a message from his friend Ben. Ben messages, “Yo! Can’t wait to hop on and play tonight!” Rad Lad replies, “Nah dude… I told you these online games are toxic…” Ben texts, “Wait. What happened?”
Panel 8: Meanwhile… At Minnni’s work. Minnni is caught between an impatient manager wearing glasses, jabbing a tablet as he glowers at her. On Minnni’s other side is a haughty customer, waving her hand while she speaks and frowns. Minnni looks very tired, used to these proceedings.

Page 6:
6 Hours later…
Panel 1: An Xbox sits idly, and then lights up with a, “Beep!”
Panel 2: Minnni opens her messages to see a sad face from Rad Lad. She looks at it with a similar expression.
Panel 3: Rad Lad rests his face on his hand, talking to Ben on the phone. Ben is trying to convince him to play, saying, “C’mon dude, just give it another shot! Please? The guys and I have been excited to play with you for weeks!” Rad Lad looks annoyed and says, “Fine…” Ben is quick to reply, “Just play a couple of the earlier story missions, get leveled up, and I’ll be on as soon as we get back from the store.”
Panel 4: “Ding!” Rad Lad looks up as he gets a notification on his Xbox. He says, “Hey, Ben… How do you report a player on Xbox?”
Panel 5: He opens the message, to see another message from Minnni. It says, “I’m sorry…”
Panel 6: Ben asks, “Uh… Why?” Rad Lad replies, “Never mind. I’ll talk to you later.”

Page 7:
Panel 1: Rad Lad leans forward and types a reply. “It’s fine.” Minnni responds, “Hey… do you want to play? I can help you level up, and give you some tips…”
Panel 2: Rad Lad smiles, “Okay.”
Panel 3: Minnni smiles too.
Panel 4: In-game, their avatars face each other. Minnni says, “Hey!” Then waits, “…” Rad Lad gets his mic on and says, “Hi!” There is a notification at the bottom, “Added you as a friend!”


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