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Website update: three months to launch

The Xbox Ambassador Program has had many evolutions through the duration of its lifespan. Some of you may even remember a time when “Xbox Experts” was a thing. Depending on who you ask, this may or may not have been the OG Ambassador Program. When did you join the Xbox Ambassador Program and how have you seen the program evolve? Tell us in the comments below! One thing that’s for sure is that each iteration has paved the way for the incredible community we have today.

With growth comes change

As the community of Ambassadors continues to grow, it’s our job to make sure we are providing the best experience possible for you, the Ambassadors. And when we say “grow,” we don’t just mean in numbers, but also in value. Your contributions make such a positive impact on the Xbox Live community, and you deserve the best from us.

For the past year, the Xbox Ambassador Team has been collecting your feedback and using it to build a brand-new Ambassador Program website. Not only is the website new, but it will come equipped with new features and activities, too! In January, we hinted at some of the upcoming updates, but there’s just three months until launch and were finally ready to start revealing it to you!

Brand-new branding

To mark this revolutionary change for the Ambassador Program, we’ve come up with a new logo. This logo represents the past, present, and future of Xbox Ambassadors.

We polled the community several months ago, and the consensus was that as long as there are laurels, thumbs up. So, we kept the laurels and swapped the star for the iconic Xbox controller icon that we all know and love.

We’re also moving forward with a design concept we’re calling the “Prism Effect.” It’s futuristic, cool, and will give the Xbox Ambassador Program an exciting edge.

Join our Launch Team

Two weeks ago, we invited the Top 500 Ambassadors, based on their lifetime XP, to join our Launch Team. As a “Thank You” for being such rock stars, we gave them first dibs. Well, we still have some room left and would like to open up the opportunity to all of our Ambassadors.

The Launch Team will get early access to the new site for bug testing and feedback and will also get a special pin on the new website. If you’re interested, please reach out to an ACE with your GT and email address to let them know. We only have 1,000 spots, so act quick!

We’re in the home stretch now, and each day the design and engineering teams make incredible progress. Stay tuned to the Community Blog for frequent updates as we bring you along for this journey.


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