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Website update: two months to launch

We’ve listened, we’ve heard you, and now we’re taking action. How you ask? In the many surveys we’ve conducted the past year, one of the biggest points of feedback we received is in regard to the onboarding experience of a new Ambassador once they join the program. Do we have some updates to share with you!

An enhanced onboarding experience

One of the most challenging aspects for new Ambassadors with our current website is the lack of guidance when joining the program. New Ambassadors are not sure what to do next or how to take full advantage of the community and activities. With our new website launching in just two short months, your Xbox Ambassador Team has been working diligently in creating the most advanced and thoughtful onboarding experience for a new Ambassador.

We have multiple items in the works to create a better new Ambassador experience—check them out, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.

*All copy you may see in the below screenshots is mock copy and will change or already has changed.

What to expect after becoming an Ambassador

The very first thing a new Ambassador will encounter after they join the program is a pretty sweet video that your Xbox Ambassador Team is currently producing. This video will give a high-level overview of the basic fundamentals of the program, which includes information on how getting XP, tiering up, seasons, missions, and sweepstakes work. The script connects the dots on all these features within the program, so new Ambassadors have a complete overview of how it all works before getting started.

At the end of the video, the Ambassador will be able to accept a “welcome” mission. Many Ambassadors mentioned not having easy access to resources or not knowing the answer to questions in chat when first getting started. So, new Ambassadors will be directed to the Ambassador Academy right away to start a series of introductory missions.

Turn up the communication levels

Once a new Ambassador joins the program, there will be increased email communications early to ensure that the new Ambassador has access to information about the most important aspects of the program early on—these aspects include the value of the Ambassador Academy and where to find the best resources to ace any quiz!

Not only will they be receiving communications from the program, a new Ambassador will also be introduced to their ACE right away after joining. Their ACE will be able to step in and show them the ropes and answer any questions a new Ambassador may have. Also, we will point them to the Lounge, so a new Ambassador can immediately connect with other passionate Ambassadors and be immersed in the community.

Website enhancements

One aspect of the new website that our current website doesn’t have is a handy, dandy … handbook! We’re writing an Ambassador Handbook that will be the one-stop-shop for anything Ambassador! Not sure how to help an unhappy customer via chat? The Ambassador Handbook will have you covered. As a new Ambassador, that will be the one place you can quickly find the answers to all your questions quickly and easily.

Two months will be here before we know it, and we’re so excited for all the great changes that are coming. Change can be spooky, but we are confident that everything we’re doing will only enhance the Ambassador experience for everyone, seasoned and new Ambassadors alike. Thank you for being a fantastic Ambassador—we hope you’re excited!


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