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What Community Means to Us

As gamers, content creators and viewers, our communities are at the core of how we engage with not only each other, but the games we play and the platforms we play them on. Many will tell you that gaming is better with friends. Communities are how we connect with each other and build those friendships.

Communities provide a space we can bond over our favorite game genres, titles, developers, publishers, characters and even cosmetics. We find ourselves in a place we feel a sense of belonging and our peers are there, ready to support us through our highs and lows. Communities are where we learn, mentor, grow and thrive together.


Community is… 

Some of our Xbox Ambassadors shared what community means to them and why being part of a community has both a great deal of value and makes a big impact:


man holding up arms with hands symbolizing rock and roll

aka Scratch

“Community makes the Xbox platform better than it would be on its own. It’s the icing on the cake. I’ve met and played with so many wonderful people from our community and it keeps me playing. Games are best when played with others.”


man looking up to the sky and smilingFourNinjaToads

“Community is the bonds we create with people that have similar interests and ideas. In time those bonds become strong and the community becomes family.”

illustration of a bird holding a baseball batOurPodFather

“Sharing. Be it Interest, passion, love or whatever you call it. Whatever you put in or take out you are all bound by one particular thing.”

xbox avatar image of a women standing still and smilingMissDeusGeek

“Community for me means family. The Xbox community in particular has shown me what being part of a global family is like. It’s a place of belonging, of sharing a part of yourself with like minded people, of being part of a collective, working together for a common good.”

Man at a gaming convention with monitor behind him smiling at the cameraKiesey

“What does community mean to me? Community is friends and family who together support and learn from each other. Community is a group of people who can share their love and passion for a product.”

Image of the god anubis holding a staff with one raised handAnubis316

“It means finding people who have something in common with you and not worrying about how you are different from each other.”

illustration of a woman smilingWeepySaucer9404

“Community is a place where people can come together and enjoy common interests. The community would also build each other up, not tear down others. Overall, it’s about friendship and love.”


Communities unify us and empower us to be ourselves while enabling us to have a positive and powerful impact on those around us through each new social interaction in-game and out. I’m thankful the communities that have given me a place I feel at home. Xbox Ambassadors believe that gaming on Xbox should be fun for everyone and that goal is why I joined this community and am excited to watch it continue to grow.


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