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What is an online gaming community

Not every gamer is immersed into the online gaming community aspect of a certain game or platform. I can tell you (hi, Miss JSP here, going into first-person point of view real fast) I was a gamer like that. I loved to game, but never got into the community side of gaming in the past.

If you’re a gamer who has felt like this, or if you know of a friend who has, we have you covered with what exactly is an online gaming community.

Games + community = fun

From online gaming communities for a particular game like Rocket League to large-scale global gaming communities, like Xbox Ambassadors, you will find that online gaming communities tend to be diverse in the actions you can take to be part of an online community or in the actions to take to make your own online gaming community.

Whether you like to take part in in-game events with your Destiny fireteam, trade in-game goods with other guild members in World of Warcraft, or just want to grow and raise the most epic farm in Farm Together, there’s online gaming communities everywhere you look.

The scope can go beyond just in-game communities. Online gaming communities can vary from relatively small online interactions to huge network activities that can include clan networks, online forums, gaming league sites, and even dedicated programs, like the Xbox Ambassadors program.

What’s amazing is these online gaming communities have real-life representation. There is an entire season called Convention Season that’s all about video games and communities, events like PAX, GDC, E3, and so much more. These events are the perfect time to bring that online gaming community into real-life action! These events allow you the chance to meet real people who are passionate and love the same things you do. Fellow Xbox Ambassadors Team member, EnolaCat, just went to PAX South and reflects on her time—check it out!

Join an online gaming community

Online gaming communities are everywhere you look, but if you are interested in being part of one today, join the Xbox Ambassadors program! As an Xbox Ambassador, our mission is to make gaming fun for everyone in our own, personalized way.

Whether you like helping gamers get their console working again, teaching your young sibling how to use their first Xbox, or just chatting away with others sharing your favorite aspect about a particular game, you are helping make gaming fun for everyone. So, join us if that sounds like fun. 🙂


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