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World Kindness Day 2020

Written by Eden0032, Xbox Ambassador Community Champion

Despite many people around the world being superstitious of Friday 13th, this time around there’s a whole new meaning to it:

World Kindness Day

Falling on Friday 13th November 2020 (today!), the day has been running annually since 1998 with the aim of promoting kindness globally. It was started by the World Kindness Movement and devotes a day to positivity amongst a whole variety of communities.

The Xbox community, especially the Xbox Ambassador community, centers around positive encounters on the platform. From sending GG messages to partying up with friends, kindness on Xbox is always around the corner. In this blog, I want to share with you some ways that you can share kindness on Xbox on World Kindness Day 2020. I have gathered a number of thoughts from some of the Xbox Ambassador Community Champions in the hope you all become inspired to spread kindness across the platform:

  1. Send a positive message to a friend you haven’t spoken to, or played online with for a while.”
    I think I speak for most gamers when I say that there are people on my friends list that I haven’t spoken to for some time. Perhaps send them a message or game invite? – Eden0032, Xbox Ambassador Community Champion
  2. Let a friend make the next in-game decision.
    Can’t come to an agreement about where to drop in Verdansk, or which vehicle to use to get across Los Santos? Perhaps let your team-mate make the choice this time around. You never know, it could be the winning decision! – Eden0032, Xbox Ambassador Community Champion
  3. Go out of your way to help a friend get an achievement.
    Know somebody who is struggling with an achievement? Perhaps you could join their game/party and give them a hand. I’m sure they’d totally appreciate the assistance and return the favor when you need help. – Eden0032, Xbox Ambassador Community Champion
  4. Recognize or shout-out a team mate.
    Little things go a long way. Recognizing or shouting out a teammate is a great way to create new bonds and friendships based on inclusion, non-toxic ideals and fun on Xbox Live. – AlbertX, Xbox Ambassador Community Champion
  5. Be accessible and present for other gamers.
    For me, this is the ultimate gift of kindness that any Ambassador can give. Being accessible for other gamers and present to support them helps to keep gaming fun for everyone. – AlbertX, Xbox Ambassador Community Champion
  6. Let your friend have the better in-game item.
    Found a legendary weapon in Warzone or in-game health? Perhaps you could pass it onto your team-mate to use this time around? – akaScratch, Xbox MVP
  7. Use gifting feature.
    Perhaps your friend (of the same region) could do with a new game? The gifting feature is the perfect system to show kindness and generosity on World Kindness Day – akaScratch, Xbox MVP
    Buying Assassin's Creed Valhalla as a gift
  8. Comments on a friend’s activity feed post.
    Say congratulations to a friend that beats an achievement or records a clip of an epic in-game event. – akaScratch, XboxMVP
  9. Help a friend with a blog post.
    I saw that Eden0032 wanted some thoughts for this blog post 🙂 – akaScratch, Xbox MVP
  10. Join an LFG and play with someone who is looking for others to play with.
    Perhaps that person needs some hints/tips for a certain spot in the game? Once you’re in the game, don’t judge their play style, age, gender, accent, game choice or anything else. Just play with each other and enjoy the game and the company. You can meet a lot of cool people that were hesitant about reaching out and if you can make that experience good for them, they will feel more comfortable on Xbox! – AshesX, Xbox Ambassador Community Manager

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