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What do Xbox Ambassadors do? Impact what matters.

From the inception of the Xbox Ambassador Program to now, Ambassadors continue to be a leading force in the Xbox community. Ambassadors prove each and every day that community is one of the aspects that makes Xbox the best place to play. If you’re thinking about becoming an Xbox Ambassador but want to make sure the program is for you, this info should help you out.

What is an Xbox Ambassador?

Xbox gamers who become Ambassadors are more than your everyday gamers. Ambassadors go above and beyond to make the Xbox experience enjoyable for all. They are an integral part of the Xbox community and we are proud to have such a loyal and passionate fan base.

Whether they are streaming on Mixer, welcoming an Xbox newbie, or sharing their Xbox expertise with fellow gamers, Ambassadors represent what gaming is all about, community.

Is being an Xbox Ambassador meant for me?

Historically, the Xbox Ambassador Program was based on connecting Xbox Ambassadors with their fellow gamers. While bringing community members together will always be the purpose of the program, we’re taking it one step further.

As an Xbox Ambassador, you will be rewarded and or recognized for:

  • Sharing your Xbox expertise with other gamers via instant message and engaging video content
  • Sharing your insights and opinions by participating in surveys that directly impacts the Xbox experience and product development
  • Helping create a positive, inclusive, and enjoyable experience for all Xbox gamers
  • Expressing your individuality as a gamer through streaming and gameplay
  • Representing the Xbox Ambassador Program and community at industry events

Being an Ambassador makes me a better person. Helping others is something I was encouraged to do when I was growing up. Being able to do it for the gaming community is just a perfect fit for me. Being an Ambassador gave me the opportunity to be more involved and connected me with so many cool people. – Bowski47

Being an Xbox Ambassador truly is about making your mark on the community, in your own way. And, we’re here to help you do it. If your love for Xbox means you also want to engage, welcome, and connect with other Xbox community members, this program is for you.

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Your Xbox Ambassador Team is here to welcome you and make sure your Ambassador experience is enjoyable. So, if you love Xbox and thrive bringing passion to other gamers, all the while unlocking exclusive rewards, then you’ve found a perfect program to join–become an Xbox Ambassador.


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