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Xbox Ambassadors in London – an Extraordinary Afternoon!

Blog by Eden0032 with contributions by Whiteandshiny

Saturday, 7th September 2019, a day to remember for all who attended the first Xbox Ambassadors meetup at the Gaming Lounge inside the flagship Microsoft Store on Oxford Circus in London, UK.

With fully equipped consoles, monitors, gaming chairs and headsets, Ambassadors played a variety of games (including the recently released Gears 5). It wasn’t just all games, between matches, Ambassadors socialised and networked with other Ambassadors. The majority of conversations were focused on Gears 5, Gamescom and X019, which is being hosted in London (Nov 15 to Nov 18).

Whiteandshiny and myself, who had organised and hosted the event, welcomed every Ambassador, as well as gamers new to the program. We invited players to participate in a Forza 7 Laptime Challenge, with new Ambassador Luke taking the lead early on. Racers used a complex (and sometimes tricky to control) setup, and the leaderboard soon became very competitive.


A photo of the leaderboard from the Forza challenge

During the Forza 7 Laptime Challenge, we spotted some of the Microsoft Store staff enjoying Overcooked, which soon became heated and competitive! It’s always great to see everybody having a great time, including the staff who were on-hand to assist with the consoles and answer questions.

A shot of the game stations at the storeTowards the end of the afternoon, it was great to welcome the public into the Gaming Lounge, explaining who Xbox Ambassadors are and what they do. Multiple gamers signed up to the Xbox Ambassadors program during the event, with many more taking promotional cards to find out more about the program.

A controller signed by Xbox AmbassadorsAs a special treat for the Ambassadors, the Microsoft Store staff and I organised a VIP trip to the McLaren racing experience within the store. The Ambassadors were provided with unique lanyards and Driver IDs before taking the driver’s seat for a 2 minute experience.

A shot of the Forza gaming stations

“I can’t believe how amazing today has been. Thank you for organising and hosting.” – MR TEDDY 013.

An Ambassador driving at a game station

I’m currently overwhelmed by all the Ambassadors who attended and enjoyed themselves. Overall, approximately 25 Ambassadors and gamers visited, which really demonstrated the community-centred nature of the Xbox Ambassadors program. It has been great to meet Ambassadors in person, who before now,  I only knew by their Gamertags! Most of the Ambassadors seemed excited for the upcoming X019 event in November, which I personally cannot wait for! We’re already thinking about the next event, so be sure to stay tuned for all the details.

A message from Whiteandshiny:

With Eden having given a great overview of the whole day, all that’s really left for me to say is how much of a warm, welcoming environment everyone helped to create. From all the staff at the store who welcomed us with open arms, to the laughs and conversations with everyone who came along! It was great to have so many people with different backgrounds bringing their own knowledge and opinions, but yet being able to come together with the same common interest in Xbox and gaming meaning there was never a dull moment! I just also want to say thank you to everyone who has left us both amazing feedback; this really is the best gaming community on the planet to be part of!

A note from Taxel:

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