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5 ways Xbox Ambassadors make gaming fun for everyone

Xbox Ambassadors represent all the best parts about gaming communities – togetherness and fun. They’re positivity is contagious, and we can’t thank these incredible individuals enough for being such great leaders across Xbox Live.

As an Xbox Ambassador, gamers are provided a platform that gives them a chance to make gaming on Xbox fun for everyone, and our Ambassadors always rise to the occasion. Whether they participate in a special mission, or help moderate in the Xbox Forums, their contributions to Xbox are unparalleled. Oftentimes, Ambassadors go above and beyond the average “Ambassador role” to organize campaigns and events to spread their passion for community across Xbox.

1. Xbox Ambassadors support worthy causes

We can always count on our Ambassadors to have hearts of gold. What might be a “good deed” to some, turns into so much more from these Ambassadors. When they find a cause that hits home, they do whatever they can to make an impact. Xbox Ambassadors have rallied behind the #GiveWithXbox campaign, started their own campaigns like #Ambys4Hope, and partnered closely with organizations like Extra Life to truly give back to the gaming community.

“I joined the Xbox Ambassador Program to give back to the community that helped me find my gaming voice.”

– Mistress Sara

2. Xbox Ambassadors hang out in the Xbox Forums

Since 2012, the Xbox Ambassadors have lent their Xbox expertise to the greater community by answering questions and participating in discussions on the Xbox Forums. These contributions have improved countless gamer experiences. Gamer to gamer connections is what the Xbox Ambassador Program is all about, and this is just one place that happens.

3. Xbox Ambassadors welcome new gamers to Xbox

The Xbox Ambassadors Club is a great place for new Xbox gamers to join a community. But, the best part about it is the warm welcoming that comes from the Xbox Ambassadors. Ambassadors are knowledgeable of all things Xbox and some of the friendliest gamers out there. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first singing in, or your 30th, the Xbox Ambassadors will welcome you with open arms!

4. Xbox Ambassadors game with gamers from all walks of life

If you haven’t read this Xbox Ambassador Spotlight, read it. If you’ve already seen it, read it again. Xbox Ambassador, choppyseize, totally embodies what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador, and his 100 Ambassadors in 100 Days challenge is EXACTLY what the Xbox Ambassador Program is about – Xbox friendships, inclusivity, and diversity. Xbox Ambassadors not only accept gamers from all avenues of the world, but celebrate in their differences and come together for one common goal: Xbox and its community.

“One of the coolest parts of the challenge was getting an inside perspective on countries I knew nothing about. I loved hearing stories about the lives or what day-to-day activities are really like for Ambassadors all over the world. I met and played with gamers from Iraq, New Zealand, Scotland, Australia, Belgium, London, France, Netherlands, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Iran, United States and, of course, Canada.”

– choppseize

5. Xbox Ambassadors participate in community-focused missions

Missions have been part of the Xbox Ambassador Program for, like, ever. However, we recently launched a series of completely new missions that are 100% community- and gamer-focused. They include making friends on Xbox Live, playing a new genre, and playing with someone from a different country. The Xbox Ambassadors went out into the community and made friends, played games, and overall made Xbox fun for as many people as they could.

Become an Xbox Ambassador

If making Xbox fun for everyone is something you want to do as a gamer, join the Xbox Ambassador Program! Not only do you get to make a direct impact on Xbox and its community, but you will also get the chance at unlocking exclusive rewards and perks. There’s no better time than the present – become an Xbox Ambassador!


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