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Xbox Ambassadors: Party like it’s 2018

Becoming a pirate legend in Sea of Thieves. Growing the team with Community Managers. Making unforgettable friendships at PAX West. These are just a few of the amazing memories that came with 2018. The Xbox Ambassadors Team is incredibly thankful to have had this time with you, and as we promised, we’re excited to share a swanky video that we made of some great moments we had with you during 2018.  

A year in review


Although this video only highlights some of the amazing memories of 2018, there was so much more and we’re happy to have been on the ride with you. Thank you to Ambassadors who:  

  • Were part of the website launch team. 
  • Who we met at PAX West. 
  • Who participated in challenges like the meme and photo challenge. 
  • Who participated and continues to participate in charities close to their hearts.
  • Who represented Xbox Ambassadors at Microsoft in-store events.  
  • Who shared their experiences at events like E3 and PAX East 
  • Continue to share their love of Xbox with every gamer and who make gaming fun for everyone.  

Share your memories 

What were some of your favorite memories of 2018? Did you make some incredible friends you didn’t think you’d make? Did you finally take down a boss that you couldn’t beat for what seemed like forever? Or, what it something else? Make sure to comment below, we’d love to know!  

Join this incredible community 

In 2018, we had nearly 10,000 passionate Xbox gamers become Xbox Ambassadors! We had such a great year, and we’re looking to have an even better one in 2019. We’re inviting you to join this passionate, fun, and incredible community of Xbox gamers. How to join? Simply visit our homepage and click “Become an Ambassador”. We’re looking forward to showcasing your community highlights next time around! 


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