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Program Update – 07/26/2016

We’re continuing to update the Program with new features and hot fixes! You’ll find the latest on Missions, chat functionality, Season tracking and Feedback Activities below.


Community Mission text

We’ve updated the text of the Community Mission to better display overall progress upon completion as well as to include congratulatory messaging!

Community Mission


Note: Chat will be updating to v3.0.4 and may require you to clear your browser’s cache and cookies prior to the below changes taking effect.

Chat Notifications

We’ve received a number of reports related to chat functionality lately, and we want to improve visibility around what’s happening on the backend when you’re helping out a fellow Xbox fan! From now on, you’ll receive a notification whenever chat is experiencing network issues.

networking message

New Button Placement/Chat Display for Helpees

In the hopes of providing an easier experience for Ambassadors and Helpees alike, we’ve made some changes to the chat view for those receiving assistance. Buttons have been made more prominent and an “End Chat” button has been added.

chat buttons


Season Tracking

“Legendary” Status Displays for Beta Season in Chrome

Your Ambassador Profile should now reflect whether you earned the status of “Legendary” during the Beta Season when viewed from Chrome! Other browsers were not experiencing this issue.


Feedback Pilot Activities

We’ve updated the way we track Feedback Activities to more accurately reflect your Mission Activity. However, the Pilot Mission is now participation-based with XP being rewarded for contributing to, not completing, the Mission. We’ll continue testing as we determine the best uses for these features. For now, you can find more on the Missions page.


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