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Xbox Ambassadors resolutions for the new year

Whether you like to set goals for yourself at the beginning of a new year or periodically throughout the year, it’s always a motivator when you share similar goals with your fellow community members. We asked all of you to let us know your New Year’s resolutions, and to no surprise, they were all great goals. Read on to find out some of the things our community want to achieve in 2019!

Amazing resolutions

You can’t start the new year without some gaming resolutions! Here are a few we all can relate to:

Play more video games ▪ Make new gamer friends ▪ Start a game and play it till it’s finished ▪ Become a Mixer partner ▪ Beat Cuphead ▪ Hit 6-digit Gamerscore

 “1) Be super active this year. 2) Stream on mixer with a schedule. 3) Have more interaction with my subscribers and viewers. 4) Regular daily uploads to YouTube again. 5) Be the best Xbox Ambassador and Xbox Content Creator possible.”  Gamer with Lyme


Supporting others and spreading positivity in the community are things Ambassadors do by nature with some of these resolutions:

Encourage more gamers to accept all forms of gaming and platforms ▪ Keep building up an awesome community ▪ Connect with more gamers ▪ Visit with 3 or more Ambassadors in real life

“Get my Charity for Cancer Research off the ground and continue doing as much as I can for others.” PyrosPlayhouse

There are a lot of us who want to put some focus on our wellbeing and personal goals. Here are some of those resolutions:

Complete a marathon ▪ Find a balance between what I love and what my responsibilities are ▪ Fix my insanely high cholesterol ▪ Get off the couch more ▪ Eat better ▪ Create tons of new art and finish writing a story I started ▪ Drink more water

“My New Year’s resolution is to try new things. Sometimes new things may seem scary, or uninteresting. If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. So, here’s to new adventures and a new year!” SammieChaos


Cheers to a happy and wonderful New Year—share below what your New Year’s resolutions are! We’re rooting for you. 😊


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