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Xbox Forums agent spotlight: Mister Maka


There is a side to Xbox Community Support that is known among most Ambassadors, but we haven’t spotlighted to its fullest capacity here yet. That is Forums.xbox.com.

The Xbox Forums Support team is comprised of eight people here at our headquarters, working endlessly, providing support on the forums. They stay in constant contact with the moderators and work alongside the Ambassadors to make sure that wherever help is needed, the community can find it. They even provide support through r/XboxOne on Reddit.

Among them is Mister Maka, a former Tweeter for @XboxSupport, who migrated to the Xbox Forums Support team over a year ago. Since then, he has been a solid part of the support system that Xbox Community Support provides to the forums as well as Reddit.

When Mister Maka isn’t busy working diligently on Forums.xbox.com and Reddit as official Xbox Support, he can be found spending time with his Corgi, Ampersand, watching anime and streaming on Twitch.

Much like most of Xbox Community Support, and the Xbox Community, most of Mister Maka’s life has revolved around gaming and the memories he’s gained from it.

“Back when I was like 9 or 10 years old, me and my friend were up at like 3-in-the-morning playing the original Tomb Raider,” Mister Maka explains. “At the beginning of the game you’re just exploring caves, and eventually you reach this opening that’s all jungle-y and there’s waterfalls everywhere […] And as soon as you turn a corner, the super scary orchestral music – well, orchestral for the time – picks up, and a T-Rex comes rearing around the corner.

“[M]e and my friend […] got up and screamed and ran upstairs. After that I was terrified of dinosaurs for like a couple of years.”

Right now in gaming: “I play so much Overwatch,” he confesses. “I think the last time I checked, I was at like 340 hours. It’s not ESports level, but it’s still a lot.”

Mister Maka also admits to having a current obsession with fashion blogs. “I’ve been spending a lot of time on fashion blogs and looking at things that I can’t afford,” he says. “[…] I see how much everything costs, and I’m just like, ‘I’ll never be Kanye.’”

“I was on Twitter for two and a half years,” Mister Maka says. “I just wanted to get the other side of Xbox Community Support. And I would already lurk the forums [before the change], so being able to jump in as official [Xbox Support] is another reason I wanted to join. […] The Xbox Community is pretty awesome.”

With the latest launch of the new Forums.xbox.com, Mister Maka is hopeful for what it can provide for the community-at-large.

“I think it’s an awesome tool for bringing the community together,” Mister Maka says of the migration. “Before, discussion and support were separate, and now it brings [those] together. I really like the overall layout and the way it looks. The old forums looked like it came from almost like an [original Xbox] era, but this feels more updated, in a modern sense. I think now that things are more intertwined it’s going to seem more lively [sic], and it will be easier to find [discussions].”

Mister Maka sees the new overlap in discussion with support as a chance for more of the community to meet in the middle, and for official support to meet the community in a more effective capacity.

“Reddit is still considered, I think, the front page of the internet,” Mister Maka explains, talking to how his work may differ from r/XboxOne to Forums.xbox.com. “So having some type of [similarities] will be good. […] I would like to see a little bit more community interaction on the same level as Reddit – especially now that [support and discussion are] more unified.”

With the addition of the “upvote” button – not that different from what already resides on Reddit – the r/XboxOne community might find it easier to make a home at Forums.xbox.com. And there are more changes planned for the future, so be sure to read up on it all in the attached link.

“The most important thing to know [about the forums] is that anything you can think of has its own subsect of the forums now,” Mister Maka says. “So anything you can think of has its own section […] and every forum has its own support and discussion, and everything you can want is right there on the front screen, so it makes it a lot easier to find what you want. Right off the bat, if you want to find a game, you just type that game in the search bar and pull that up.”

“From a support or Ambassador standpoint, I think it makes it easier to reach out and find threads now.”

Just like the rest of Xbox Community Support, Mister Maka believes in the good that the Xbox Community can do for each other, and the good official Xbox Support wants to do for the community. Each new change is made in hopes of unifying the community and bringing a more solid platform to the community.

In asking what makes a gaming community special, and how to keep the fun going, Mister Maka has this advice:

“Just keep the Xbox Community as welcoming as possible. It’s always awesome having a gaming community that’s so diverse, […] able to help each other out, and play games. Probably a good third of my friends I met through online gaming – and I’ve even met [them] in real life. Don’t take it for granted, and actually be awesome to each other.”


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