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Year in review: remembering 2016 with the Xbox Ambassadors Program

2016 was a time of new beginnings for the Xbox Ambassadors Program! It featured the first official Season since the Program’s relaunch in late 2015; welcomed in a whole new team responsible for helping out in the Forums, on Twitter and elsewhere; and brought with it a ton of new features, Activities and Rewards. You can find a lot of this covered in earlier posts, but we thought we’d round up some of our favorite moments from 2016 to share in one place. So, without further ado, here’s the Xbox Ambassadors Program’s Top 10 Moments of 2016:

10. Xbox Ambassadors Voyage to E3 and PAX Prime

The Xbox Ambassadors Team got out and about this year, sending Community Manager Mister Discord to E3 and PAX Prime, where he mixed and mingled with the community. This was also a great way to let others know about the Xbox Ambassadors Program, and what better way to do that than with swag?

9. Rewards Reach New Heights

Rewards have always been a part of the Xbox Ambassadors Program, and this year was no exception! 2016 saw an increase in digital and physical Rewards – from Profile badges to Xbox One S consoles, not to mention weekly game giveaways on Twitter and through Missions.

8. Ambassadors on YouTube Launches, Rakes in Views

Ambassadors on YouTube first hit the scene in April, and Mister Edg3 and the rest of the Team has worked to further Ambassador involvement on YouTube ever since. You can watch the Xbox Team thank fans for a great 15 Years of Xbox here, and view the Top Three Ambassador-created videos of 2016 below:


Title Creator Views
Why can’t I connect to Live on Xbox One? Scrtch 28,730
How to fix an Xbox One disc install stopped error and slow install issues. Monkiedude22 23,219
New Xbox One Update | How To Create Clubs and Looking For Group ItsMrFig20




7. Legendary Coins Guide the Top 100 through the Seasons

If there’s one thing Ambassadors get excited about, it’s the Limited Edition coins awarded to our Top 100 (or Legendary) Ambassadors each Season. Seasons One through Four not only celebrated Ambassadors for helping others, but quite literally celebrated the Seasons themselves. No, really, check out Misses Sunny’s clever designs.


6. Ambassadors’ History Finds a Home on the Community Blog

This year, the Xbox Ambassadors Program started archiving its successes and celebrating its community on this very blog. Be sure to use the Categories (Announcements, Program Updates and Community Focus) to stay up-to-date. Misses Apple and I will be here with helpful posts and hope to share even more Ambassador-written content in the future.

5. The Xbox Ambassadors Website Gets a Facelift

2015 brought the first big changes to the Xbox Ambassadors website, but 2016 continued to build upon them. The JoinMissionsProfile and Academy pages were all overhauled to make for easier use and a more enjoyable entry into and experience with the Program.

4. Xbox Fans Find Help from their Community with Watchtower

Since we started offering Season Satisfaction Surveys, an Ambassador presence on Twitter has long been one of the top requests. During Season Four, Project Watchtower rolled out. Ambassadors can now connect with Xbox users on Twitter and earn XP for doing so!

3. Ambassadors Play Brings Community-Created Content to the Community Calendar

From a four-person pilot to a full roster, the Ambassadors Play initiative has made for a lot of exciting content on Twitch and Beam. Under the care of Mister Teal, you can now find information about when and where Ambassadors are streaming on the Xbox Community Calendar and on our Streaming Info page.

2. Major Nelson Spotlights Xbox Ambassadors

With Xbox, you know you’ve made it big when Major Nelson starts talking about you. That happened for the Program and individual Ambassadors alike thanks to a partnership with This Week on Xbox. Find our “Did You Know” sections here to see what tips Ambassadors like F5 Penguin, RandyAU93 and Air Head DLX have offered This Week on Xbox users.

1. Mister Discord Shaves His Beard for Extra Life

We’ll let the video do most of the talking on this one. Watch Mister Discord lose his much-beloved beard to assist in raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Skip to the 20-minute mark to watch this emotional moment. Better yet, watch the full 30 minutes to get a sense of what went into raising over $2,500 during the 25-hour Xbox Ambassadors Extra Life stream!

And that’s a wrap, folks! We hope you enjoyed 2016 with the Xbox Ambassadors Program as much as we did, and we can’t wait to see you all in 2017 for the start of Season Five.


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